What song did Jeremy Rosado sing last night?

What song did Jeremy Rosado sing last night?

Jeremy Rosado sings “Freedom Was a Highway” on The Voice 2021 Top 10 Live Shows.

What song did Jeremy Rosado sing tonight on The Voice?

Freedom Was a Highway
Jeremy Rosado Performs Jimmie Allen and Brad Paisley’s “Freedom Was a Highway” | The Voice Top 10 – YouTube.

What did Jeremy sing last night on The Voice?

Jeremy Rosado Performs Rascal Flatts’ “What Hurts the Most” | NBC’s The Voice Top 10 2021 – YouTube.

Is Jeremy Rosado still on the voice?

After cracking the top 10 on “The Voice” this season, Christian singer Jeremy Rosado is back in Tampa and ready to keep singing. State of play: Rosado, a member of Kelly Clarkson’s team on the NBC show, was eliminated earlier this month.

What did Jeremy Rosado sing on the voice?

30) during the epic Live Top 10 Eliminations on Season 21 of The Voice. Appearing in the bottom three with Team Grande’s Holly Forbes and Team Legend’s Jershika Maple, Rosado performed a heartfelt rendition of Rascal Flatts’ hit version of “What Hurts the Most,” initially recorded by Mark Wills.

Who are the Top 11 on The Voice 2021?

‘The Voice’: Top 11 singer Jershika Maple admits she almost ‘threw up’ before epic performance

  • Hailey Mia.
  • Jershika Maple.
  • Joshua Vacanti.
  • Holly Forbes.
  • Jim & Sasha Allen.
  • Wendy Moten.
  • Lana Scott.
  • Paris Winningham.

Where is Holly from on the voice?

(WSAZ) – Fans who were rooting for Catlettsburg, Kentucky native Holly Forbes to advance to the finals of NBC’s “The Voice” didn’t get their wish.

Who Won The Voice USA 2021 season 21?

The twenty-first season of the American reality television series The Voice premiered on September 20, 2021, on NBC….The Voice (American season 21)

The Voice
No. of contestants 48 artists
Winner Girl Named Tom
Winning coach Kelly Clarkson
Runner-up Wendy Moten

What part of Queens is Jeremy Rosado from?

Jeremy also participated in eleventh season of American Idol and ranked thirteenth on the show. He is originally from Queens, New York and currently living in Tampa, Florida….Bio.

Real Name Jeremy German Rosado
Nationality American
Home Town Queens, New York