What size are Harley saddlebags?

What size are Harley saddlebags?

Dimensions: 15″ Tall (top of lid to bottom of bag) x 8″ Wide (width of bag opening) x 24″ Long (length of bag opening)

How are Harley saddlebags measured?

Bags are measured from the back of the bag 2. Measure side to side (B): From the back of the seat (rider’s position) or shock to the back of the turn signal. Measurement should be greater than the top of the bag length (L).

Is a 2008 Harley Sportster fuel injected?

With the rubber mounted engine and the fuel injection the 08 is overall a great bike. Only draw back is the stock seat and like all Sportsters, you will get some engine heat while at idle but none once you’re rolling.

How many liters are Harley saddlebags?

TKY’s Quick Release Hard Saddlebags, 25 Liter each are made specifically for Harley-Davidson Fat Bob (2008-2016) and Wide Glide (2006-2008).

How much can you fit in saddlebags?

So based on a real saddlebag, measurements of 12″ x 8″ x 2.25″ (meaning 216 cubic inches, or 0.125 cubic foot space) per bag (there are 2 bags per “saddlebags” one for each side of the horse/animal, otherwise it would say “saddlebag” in the PHB) Meaning roughly together they can hold 1/4 a cubic foot of material, or …

What is a Sportster saddlebag?

These saddlebags feature the classic “rounded parallelogram” shape often seen on classic touring bikes from the 1950s and 1960s. it’s a timeless shape that lends itself well to the Sportster, the intended market for this bag. They’re reinforced with a plastic liner, and lockable to keep your valuables safe.

How much is a 2008 Sportster 883 low?

Starting at $6,695, the Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 was the most affordable bike in the 2008 Harley lineup. The 2008 Harley Sportster 883 Low features a diminutive seat height of 25.3 inches, offering agile handling for riders of smaller stature.

How long has the Harley Davidson® Sportster been around?

Easily one of the most popular bikes in Harley Davidson’s® model lineup, the sportster has been around for more than 50 years now. The Harley Davidson® sportster has changed tremendously through the years, getting new engines and redesigned over those years.

What kind of engine does a 2008 Harley Davidson Sportster have?

The 2008 XL1200L Sportster 1200 Low combines a fuel-injected 1200-cc Evolution V-twin with a seat height of only 26.3 inches, providing agile around-town handling. The Sportster 1200 Low started at $9,695. he 2008 Harley XL1200N Nightster features stripped down, retro-rod styling.