What should I put in my sub binder?

What should I put in my sub binder?

Here’s a list of things you might want to include if you make a sub binder:

  1. Note from the teacher (you)
  2. School policies.
  3. Class List.
  4. Classroom Rules.
  5. Water and restroom information and policies.
  6. Behavior (positive as well as consequences)

What do you leave for a supply teacher?

How to Leave Easy Lesson Plans for a Substitute Teacher

  • List of students in the class.
  • Description of class routines.
  • Lesson plans.
  • List of classroom rules.
  • Classroom Management Ideas.
  • Substitute note sheet.
  • Policy handbook.
  • Filler activities when there is extra time.

How do you organize a teaching binder?

Teacher Binder Organization Step-By-Step

  1. Lesson Plans (this could be its own separate binder)
  2. Grade book.
  3. Curriculum map.
  4. Student Lists – medications, IEPs, etc.
  5. Schedules of classes.
  6. Sub plans (this could also be its own separate binder)
  7. Student data (this could also be its own separate binder)
  8. Calendars.

How do I write a letter to a substitute teacher?

Here’s how to write a substitute teacher cover letter for a job application:

  1. Use the proper cover letter format.
  2. Create a professional cover letter header.
  3. Open with a greeting and a catchy first paragraph.
  4. Show that you’re the perfect fit for the position.
  5. Explain why you want this job and no other.

What should be in a teacher folder?

The contents of a substitute folder vary by teacher but the most useful ones include the following general items.

  • Class List and Seating Chart.
  • Rules and Routines.
  • Emergency Procedures and Drills.
  • Generic Lesson Plans.
  • Note Template.

How do college students organize their binders?

Supplies for an organized binder

  1. Paper. Fill all of your binders with college ruled filler paper before class.
  2. Dividers. Dividers are SO helpful to keep your binders organized.
  3. Sheet protectors. Depending on the subject, sheet protectors might also come in handy for your binders.
  4. Post its.

How to make a substitute binder for a student?

How To Create a Brilliant Substitute Binder 1 Cover labeling the substitute binder. 2 Dividers & Tabs to Organize. 3 Note to your Sub. 4 Schedules. 5 School & Staff Info. 6 Class Information. 7 Arrival & Dismissal Procedures. 8 Class Rules & Management Procedures. 9 Emergency Procedures.

What do I need to include in my Sub binder?

Now that you know the materials you’ll need, here’s the information you’ll want to include inside your sub binder! Including a cover on your substitute binder is important- not only because you can add some style to your binder- but it also clearly labels what it is.

What is an editable sub binder?

This editable sub binder will help you prepare for that day when you just can’t make it in to pull together your plans. We know that those mornings you wake up with a sick kid are tough – especially when you are trying to be mom or dad but still have to worry about the students in your classroom.

What additional resources can I add to my binder?

You might add in additional resources form our complete editable binder collection. This collection includes pieces for reading, math, writing and data management. Our calendar pages might also be helpful for long term planning. These files are for your personal, classroom use. As always, these are meant to be free and may not be sold.