What should a tutoring contract include?

What should a tutoring contract include?

Below are several topics to consider as you develop your tutoring contract.

  • Fees/Payment Policies. Here you can discuss the what, when, and how for payment.
  • Student/Parent Expectations.
  • Tutor Expectations.
  • Communication.

How do I offer my services as a tutor?

How To: Advertise Your Tutoring Services

  1. Prepare a resume.
  2. Develop your online presence.
  3. Make business cards.
  4. Use smart wording.
  5. Distribute marketing materials.
  6. Utilize social media.
  7. Send emails.
  8. Encourage brand recognition.

What is a good hourly rate for online tutoring?

Online Tutor Salaries

Job Title Salary
InstaEDU Online Tutor salaries – 9 salaries reported $23/hr
VIPKid Online Tutor salaries – 7 salaries reported $20/hr
Elevate K-12 Online Tutor salaries – 7 salaries reported $14/hr
Varsity Tutors Online Tutor salaries – 6 salaries reported $16/hr

Are tutors independent contractors?

Would the parents be the tutor’s employer, thereby assuming significant associated duties and expenses, or could a tutor be engaged as an independent contractor? The glib answer is yes. privately.” California wage order 15 says a “tutor” may be considered a household employee, along with other staff such as maids.

How do I sell myself as a tutor?

Get in touch with the young parents in your neighborhood. They’ll most likely trust a known person more than anyone when hiring a tutor. Tell people you know about your subject skills. Introduce yourself in social settings subtly but do drop in a hint about your tutoring skills every time.

Does a tutor get a 1099?

If you’re actively running your own tutoring business, and not working for an agency or other employer, you’re self-employed. That’s true even if you have a full-time day job. In the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service, being self-employed classifies you as a 1099 independent contractor.

What is an online tutoring contract?

Tutoring Contract is a document that outlines the terms and agreement between tutors and their clients. The document includes information about payment, lesson schedule, obligations of the tutor and student with e-signature field. You can easily customize this contract and store your signed online contracts securely.

Can a tutor fill out a tutoring agreement?

This document can be used by a tutor, looking for a standard form template for tutoring clients, or for a client (or the parent or legal guardian of a minor client) who has just hired a tutor. Either party can fill out this document, as long as all of the details of the agreement are known.

What is the first page of the tutor contract for?

The first page is a tutoring contract for parents to sign with fill-in-the-blank format to state your name, rate, day and time, and the child’s name, with a parent signature line This form provides a quick way to keep clear expectations between tutor and parents/carers.

How can I protect myself as a tutor with a contract?

Make sure your services are clearly outlined, protected, and paid for with this contract. Written with the help of an attorney it is very professional and will protect you as a tutor Editable in Microsoft Word. In this free file, you will find a Tutoring Contract, Payment Register, and Planning Sheet.