What shops are in broadmarsh Nottingham?

What shops are in broadmarsh Nottingham?

Fashion stores at intu Broadmarsh

  • Claire’s2 stores in Nottingham+44 115 9410235.
  • Ernest Jones2 stores in Nottingham+44 115 9598764.
  • The Perfume Shop2 stores in Nottingham+44 115 9598953.
  • River Island2 stores in Nottingham+44 3443 951013.
  • Warren James2 stores in Nottingham+44 115 9588661.
  • Blue Inc.

What is happening to Broadmarsh Nottingham?

The site’s been described as a ‘gateway to the city’, but for now – it is still a demolition site. Millions of pounds of regeneration work at the half-demolished Broadmarsh Shopping Centre in Nottingham, could now linger on until at least next spring.

Why did Broadmarsh shopping centre close?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, redevelopment work was halted in March 2020. By early July 2020, the part-demolished shopping centre had closed and the site was handed back to the freeholder, Nottingham City Council.

When did broadmarsh open?


When was the Broadmarsh shopping Centre built?

Can you still walk through Broadmarsh?

The new wider route has been upgraded with bespoke flooring, lighting and CCTV and is intended to be open 24/7. The existing walkway has now closed. The Listergate and Collin Street entrances to the walkway feature new artwork by local artists, as a co-ordinated part of the Nottingham Street Art project.

Can you still walk through Broadmarsh 2021?

Can you walk through Broadmarsh 2021?

Works continue on site at Broadmarsh Car Park and Bus Station, with works expected to complete in Autumn 2021. Due to other works in the area on the Broadmarsh roadspace transformation, some pedestrian and cycle diversions are in place but all access to the area will continue.

Can you still cut through Broadmarsh?

The current walkway, which cuts through the site into the city centre, will be moved to the east where it will become a permanent pedestrianised pathway. Last year, just as intu began work to regenerate the site, the shopping centre giant collapsed into administration.

Can you still walk through broadmarsh?

Can you still cut through broadmarsh?

What is happening to broadmarsh Centre?

About half of the Broadmarsh centre, which opened in 1975, was demolished amid redevelopment of the 8-hectare (20-acre) site, which was halted when its former owner, the retail property group Intu, went bust last year.

What is happening to the former Broadmarsh Shopping Centre?

For over a year, the former Broadmarsh Shopping Centre in Nottingham has been a blot on the city centre landscape, as a derelict 20-acre site. Until last year, there were plans for a new and improved shopping centre, but the developers INTU went bust.

What is the Broadmarsh Centre in Nottingham?

The Broadmarsh Centre, also known as intu Broadmarsh, is a closed, part-demolished, shopping centre in Nottingham. The area is set to be totally redeveloped in the future.

Is there still a Dixons in the Broadmarsh?

Still very much going, but not in the Broadmarsh. Dixons (electrical). Founded in 1937, the chain closed in 2006, although many stores became Currys. Decor Mecca (wallpapers and interiors).

What is Thomas Heatherwick’s vision for Broadmarsh?

Thomas Heatherwick is due to reveal his vision for the Broadmarsh site in the autumn. He says his plan is to create nothing less than a new model for how our high streets and city centre could be. “It’s kind of unfashionable to say you’re designing a place for joy, but that is what we’re going to be doing.”