What order should I fight the bosses in Mega Man 2?

What order should I fight the bosses in Mega Man 2?

Suggested Order

  1. Metal Man (Use arm cannon or Quick Boomerang)
  2. Air Man (Use arm cannon or Leaf Shield; try standing behind him)
  3. Crash Man (Use Air Shooter)
  4. Bubble Man (Use Metal Blade)
  5. Heat Man (Use Bubble Lead)
  6. Wood Man (Use Atomic Fire (fully charged) or Crash Bombs)
  7. Flash Man (Use Metal Blade)

What order should I beat Mega Man?

Here is the order we recommend:

  1. Bomb Man – Use Mega Buster (also weak to Fire Storm)
  2. Guts Man – Use Hyper Bombs.
  3. Cut Man – Use Super Arm and Mega Buster.
  4. Elec Man – Use Rolling Cutters.
  5. Ice Man – Use Thunder Beam*
  6. Fire Man – Use Ice Slasher.

Who is weak to cutman Megaman?

In Mega Man X8, Cut Man will only jump around and throws his Rolling Cutter weapon around as his only attacks, similar to his first appearance. Defeating him in this game is pretty easy as he has only 16 HP. Weakness for Cut Man in this game are Thunder Dancer (X); Raikousen (Zero) and Plasma Gun (Axl).

What is Crashman’s weakness?

Crash Man is one of the six bosses from the “Mega Man 1~2” course. He attacks by throwing a single Crash Bomb, but sometimes he will jump and throw four bombs on the floor, their explosion covering a large area from the floor. His weakness is the Rolling Cutter.

How do you get the item 3 in Mega Man 2?

It is obtained when Flash Man is defeated in Mega Man 2. Item-3 is required to climb up some walls in the Wily Castle, and it can also be used to quickly bypass the first set of blocks in Heat Man’s stage.

What is the easiest order to beat bosses in Mega Man 2?

Every Boss In Mega Man 2 (& The Easiest Order To Beat Them In) 8 Metal Man 7 Bubble Man 6 Flash Man 5 Wood Man 4 Air Man 3 Crash Man 2 Heat Man 1 Quick Man

What is the best order to play Mega Man games?

There is no perfect order to take on the bosses in the game, which allows for quite a bit of experimentation. That being said, first-time players not used to the immense difficulty curve of the Mega Man games may wish to tackle the bosses in a particular order, before challenging themselves with a different order later on.

How much damage do bosses do in Mega Man 2?

Charts that list damage values for each boss in Mega Man 2 . 14 (Deals 1 damage per second.) For Atomic Fire (H), the first number is the standard shot; second is when it is charged more; third number is when it is fully charged. Damage values for Picopico-kun apply to each unit. Destroying one will deplete the health bar by two units each.

What is the 2nd Mega Man game?

) in Japan, is the second game in the Mega Man World series of side games for the Nintendo Game Boy. It was followed up by Mega Man III in the same year, while the game’s story is expanded on in the Japanese only game Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chōsensha for the WonderSwan.