What optics have the ACSS reticle?

What optics have the ACSS reticle?

ACSS Reticle

ACSS Reticle Optics
SKU Description
TA31-R-AURORA Trijicon ACOG 4×32 Scope Dual Illuminated Red Chevron ACSS Aurora Reticle
TA44-C-400307 Trijicon ACOG 1.5x16S High Compact Scope – Dual Illuminated ACSS CQB-M5 – Green
TA44-C-400306 Trijicon ACOG 1.5x16S High Compact Scope – Dual Illuminated ACSS CQB-M5 – Red

What does ACSS reticle stand for?

Advanced Combined Sighting System
ACSS® RETICLE. ACSS® (Advanced Combined Sighting System) is a giant leap forwards in reticle design that utilizes bullet drop compensation correlated with a range estimation, wind, and leads in one simple to use system.

Does primary arms have a lifetime warranty?

Primary Arms Optics is renowned for their lifetime warranty policy, which covers comprehensive mechanical and electronic failures, reinforcing Primary Arms’ commitment to customer satisfaction. “We are proud to expand our comprehensive lifetime warranty policy.” says Marshall Lerner, CEO and Founder of Primary Arms.

Where are primary arms scopes made?

All products from Primary Arms Optics® are outsourced from factories in the Asia Pacific. The premium-quality Platinum rifle scopes are sourced from Japan, while the entry-level and affordable variants are manufactured in China.

Who invented the ACSS reticle?

“The ACSS Griffin MIL is a pro’s reticle, providing CQB (Close Quarter Battle), mid-range UKD (unknown distances) and exact mil/mil firing solutions hold overs in one system,” says Dimitri Mikroulis, inventor of the ACSS reticle system.

What is ACSS on a rifle scope?

ACSS (Advanced Combined Sighting System ) is a giant leap forward in reticle design that utilizes BDC correlated with range estimation and wind, in one simple to use system. The ACSS reticle increases first hit ratio and decreases time on target dramatically.

Are Primary Arms LPVO good?

An LPVO is incredibly versatile and can be a jack-of-all-trades. Primary Arms was nice enough to send me their 1-8x Silver LPVO using their ACSS reticle and mount. I run it through the ringer, using multiple firearms, nearly 2,000 rounds of assorted ammo, and box test the optic.

Does Primary Arms take cash?

For everyone’s safety, we are not accepting cash for payment in the storefront currently. Thank you for your understanding. Transfers and in-store discounted items can be paid for via major credit card.

Does Holosun make primary arms?

Primary Arms and Holosun have combined forces to bring you the power of the patent pending ACSS® CQB reticle in a red dot sight for the first time!

What kind of reticle does the primary arms 1-6×24 second focal plane have?

The Primary Arms 1-6×24 second focal plane scope (Gen III) features our exclusive, patented Advanced Combined Sighting System reticle.

Where can I find information about primary arms optics reticles?

For general research, please visit the Primary Arms Optics website. Here, you can browse through all of our available reticles and learn the basics of their features. You can also read more about our optic bodies and the technologies that elevate their performance.

What are the different types of ACSS reticles available?

ACSS Reticles are available for both hunting and tactical applications. Our most popular hunting-based ACSS Reticles include the purpose-made ACSS Orion™, ACSS Predator Hunting, and ACSS 22LR Reticle.

What is the range of an ACSS reticle?

Many ACSS reticles feature simple moving target leads optimized for targets moving across the shooter’s field of view at distances of 100-300 yards. ACSS HUD DMR reticles extend this capability out to 600 yards for targets moving at a variety of speeds. How does the ACSS reticle automatic range estimation work?