What is your review of shirobako?

What is your review of shirobako?

Shirobako is an anime that is “just right”. It breaks one’s expectations without betraying them. You just have to enjoy it as it is as you learn countless things about life, careers, and, of course, anime. The series is a force to be reckoned with and I could easily recommend it to anyone, especially to those in need of a surprise.

What is the Shirobako movie about?

The Shirobako movie is the unexpected sequel to P.A. Works ‘ beloved TV anime about creating anime. The original show had one of the most perfect, cathartic endings you’ll ever see in a TV anime, and although fans have been clamoring for more for years, the story never really needed a continuation.

Are the girls in Shirobako too old?

The girls of Shirobako are in their 20’s and yet they are far more appealing (and yes, more cute) than the vast majority of teenage characters. Maybe that could be my own oldness speaking, but I’d like to see more variety and more 20-somethings like there are in Shirobako. There’s far more that can be done with adult characters.

Is Shirobako’s art style Moe?

There is none of the usual ‘sameface’ phenomenon that plagues most anime with a moe art style (which Shirobako most definitely has), and the backgrounds are often filled with detail (like an anime figure sitting on a desk to the side) which makes having a wandering eye recommended.

Shirobako has been one of the most pleasant surprises of the anime season: a delightful office comedy about the work of actually putting together anime. This is a very meta premise, with more than its share of industry in-jokes and not one but multiple shows-within-the-show.

What are some of shirobako’s cameos?

Among the most famous and conspicuous of Shirobako’s “cameos”: the Eva -colored sofas in his office were not exactly subtle, and most fans understand the inherent gravity of the mid-series cliffhanger “Aoi is so desperate she’s going to beg Mitsuaki Kanno to finish some key frames.”

Are the characters in Shirobako based on real people?

That’s right; plenty of the characters in Shirobako are directly based on actual people in the animation field. Even the voice actor agencies are based on the real thing!