What is WikiLeaks and how does it work?

What is WikiLeaks and how does it work?

Wikileaks is a self-described “not-for-profit media organization,” launched in 2006 for the purposes of disseminating original documents from anonymous sources and leakers. Its website says: “Wikileaks will accept restricted or censored material of political, ethical, diplomatic or historical significance.

Are all of WikiLeaks’s 251k documents really public?

According to the Associated Press, Wikileaks gave four news organizations ( Le Monde, El Pais, The Guardian and Der Spiegel) all 251,287 classified documents before anything was released to the public. The Guardian subsequently shared its trove with The New York Times. So have all 251,287 documents been released to the public? No.

How many diplomatic cables did WikiLeaks release?

At the end of November 2010, Wikileaks began to slowly release a trove of what it says are 251,287 diplomatic cables acquired from an anonymous source. These documents came on the heels of the release of the “Collateral Murder” video in April 2010, and Afghan and Iraq War logs in July 2010 and October 2010, which totaled 466,743 documents.

What kind of malware does WikiLeaks publish?

Today, June 29th 2017, WikiLeaks publishes documents from the OutlawCountry project of the CIA that targets computers running the Linux operating system. Today, June 28th 2017, WikiLeaks publishes documents from the CIA project ELSA, a geo-location malware for WiFi-enabled devices.

What is WikiLeaks’Legal Status?

The legal status of WikiLeaks is complex. Assange considers WikiLeaks a protection intermediary. Rather than leaking directly to the press, and fearing exposure and retribution, whistleblowers can leak to WikiLeaks, which then leaks to the press for them. WikiLeaks has stated it does not solicit any information.

What are the best alternatives to WikiLeaks?

Sometimes referred to as an alternative to WikiLeaks, it’s best known for its publication of a large collection of internal police documents, known as BlueLeaks. The site has also published data on Russian oligarchs, fascist groups, shell companies, tax havens, banking in the Caymans and the Parler leak.

What is balkanleaks?

This site is modeled on WikiLeaks but is mainly concerned with exposing political corruption and organized crime. BalkanLeaks will only expose information if it has been fact checked, unlike WikiLeaks.