What is Wiberg type 2 patella?

What is Wiberg type 2 patella?

Wiberg classification is a system used to describe the shape of the patella based mainly on the asymmetry between the patellar medial and lateral facets on axial views of the patella. Increasing number type indicates a larger degree of asymmetry. This case is a good example of Wiberg type 2 or b.

What is Type 3 patella?

Lastly, Wiberg Type III refers to a markedly smaller convex medial facet, while the lateral facet is concave, but the angle between the medial and lateral facet is nearly 90°. Postoperative frontal and true-lateral radiographs were used to assess patellar height using the Insall–Salvati ratio [20].

What is bifid patella?

A bipartite patella forms when a portion of the patella does not completely heal along the bony edges of the patella. Most commonly, this is in the upper and outer (superolateral) portion of the patella. Bipartite patella is quite common, usually asymptomatic, and is found in 2% of the population on x-rays.

What causes Trochlear dysplasia?

Most cases of trochlear dysplasia are believed to be genetic. There may be some cases where somebody sustains a kneecap dislocation that is not put back in place when they are young and developmentally the trochlear groove may not form normally, but overall most cases of trochlear dysplasia are felt to be genetic.

Why do I have 2 kneecaps?

A bipartite patella occurs when the patella, or kneecap, occurs as two separate bones. Instead of fusing together in early childhood, the patella remains separated. A bipartite patella is usually not a problem; it occurs in about 2-3% of the population.

How do you fix Trochlear dysplasia?

Trochleoplasty is indicated mainly for high-grade trochlear dysplasia. In the majority of these cases, trochleoplasty is performed in association with other procedures (such as anterior tibial tubercle [ATT] transfer or medial patella-femoral ligament [MPFL] reconstruction).

Can Sinding Larsen Johansson last?

SLJ syndrome goes away when a teen is done growing and usually doesn’t cause lasting problems.