What is This nonprofit newsletter template for?

What is This nonprofit newsletter template for?

This nonprofit newsletter template will guide you through each step of creating great content for your organization. Use this nonprofit newsletter template as is, or customize it with your own images, fonts, and colors.

Are email newsletters effective for getting users to use new features?

This is a good example of how email newsletters can be effective at getting more users to use a new feature or tool as quickly as possible. We know we’re totally biased adding the Sendinblue product newsletter to this list but our product marketing manager Mara does such a great job that we simply have to share it.

What makes a good Unsplash newsletter?

This is a nice strategy — especially when coupled with the beautiful images from the Unsplash photographer community. The second newsletter is more of the classic update newsletter that gives readers info on their latest funding and partnerships.

How can you gamify your newsletter experience?

In addition to encouraging readers to buy more games, PlayStation also does something quite unique in the newsletter. At the top, they include year-to-date metrics for the reader’s PlayStation console usage: trophies earned and total hours played. This an interesting way to gamify the newsletter experience a bit.

What are the best email newsletter templates for businesses?

Canva’s newsletter templates for business are also a great way to show your industry expertise. Use the text editor to emphasize important insights in block quotes. You can also use it to create anchor text and linking to an informative blog post, driving traffic to your site.

How do I customize my newsletter?

Simply click the “Design” icon on the right-hand side of the page. You can then scroll through all of the options. Click on as many as you like to see what they look like with your content. Customize your newsletter with various design options. A great newsletter is clear, concise, and branded.

Can I use Canva to design a newsletter template?

For campus journalists, our newsletter templates for school publications make designing easy while on the go. With the Canva mobile app, you can work on your newsletter even from your phone or tablet. Canva’s newsletter templates for business are also a great way to show your industry expertise.