What is the velocity of a 17 Hornet?

What is the velocity of a 17 Hornet?

Ackley describes the .17 Hornet as sort of an “improved” .22 Hornet necked down to .17 caliber. Ackley’s load data lists 25-grain bullets with a velocity of 3,585 fps from 12.0 grains of 4198 and 3,570 fps from 11.5 grains of 4227. Hornady dies were used to handload cartridges for the .17 Hornet.

What kind of ammo do you use in a 1717 Hornet?

17 Hornet 20 gr V-MAX® Superformance® Varmint. Superformance ® Varmint ammunition delivers muzzle velocity increases of 100 to 200 feet per second from EVERY gun. Accuracy, increased range, flatter trajectory, less wind drift and devastating terminal results are all realized with Superformance ® Varmint ammunition.

Will the 17 Hornet become a popular cartridge?

The .17 Hornet will become a very popular cartridge if it garners even a small percentage of the .17 rimfire’s popularity. The author obtained the tools, which took some time, and by the time the tools were ready Mr. O’Neil had other things to occupy his mind, so that the project remained static until 1945.

What is the difference between a 17 Ackley Hornet and 17 Hornady?

The Hodgdon’s 2012 Annual Manual and the Hodgdon website list about the same maximum loads for the .17 Ackley Hornet and .17 Hornet with some powders. However, maximum powder charges for the .17 Ackley are 0.2 to 0.7 grain heavier than for the .17 Hornady.

Will a 17 Hornady Hornet fit in a 22 magazine?

That length allows Hornady’s .17 Hornet to fit in existing magazines and bolt actions originally intended for the .22 Hornet, like the CZ 527, Ruger 77/22 Hornet and Savage Model 25. Because the .17 Hornady Hornet case is smaller than the .17 Ackley Hornet case, handloading data for the two cartridges should not be casually interchanged.

What is the best powder for a 17 Hornet?

Hodgdon Lil’Gun was the best powder tried for high velocity and good accuracy in the .17 Hornet. Hornady loads its .17 Hornet Superformance Varmint cartridges with 20-grain V-MAX bullets and 15.5-grain NTX bullets, with a stated muzzle velocity of 3,650 fps for the V-MAX and 3,870 fps for the NTX.