What is the use of Trishakti Yantra?

What is the use of Trishakti Yantra?

As per Vastu Shashtra, Trishakti Yantra is a powerful vastu correction remedy. The swasthik is a symbol of ganesha and brings positive energy, good luck to the person as well as removes obstacles in all undertaking. It is mainly for siddhi & buddhi, intelligence.

How do you place trishakti Yantra?

You can place it at worship place But the best place is to place above the mail door one from inside and one from outside for protection of your house.

Where should be the house of Vastu Yantra?

According to the common rule, the northeast direction is the best place for keeping the Vastu dosh nivaran yantra. North-east corner is the direction for worship.

Where does the Swastik Pyramid go in the house?

Installation of Copper Swastik Pyramid in home

  1. Install on the main door (outside) for more positive flow of energy.
  2. In case of inauspicious location of door, place this swastika above the main door for protection and vastu correction.

Which Yantra is good for home?

Shree Kuber yantra is agaon amongst the most important vastu dosh yantra in Vastu Shastra. It is devoted to Lord Kuber who is said to be the god of wealth and keeper of money. Kuber yantra not only removes the dosh (errors) in Vastu of a place but also attracts wealth inside.

How do you keep swastik?

Making swastik at the entrance of the house is considered auspicious, it brings luck and prosperity. Swastik also reduces disease and mourning, and increases happiness and prosperity. If your house has a larger entrance door than the other doors in the house, it is considered auspicious.

How many Yantras are there?

Gudrun Bühnemann classifies three general types of yantras based on their usage: Yantras that are used as foundation for ritual implements such as lamps, vessels, etc. These are typically simple geometric shapes upon which the implements are placed. Yantras used in regular worship, such as the Sri Yantra.

How are Yantras energized?

To Energize a Yantra one needs the Mantra and to be recited with Prana Energy. To consecrate the Yantra, one needs Tantra, which is Initiation, Pujas and Time. To customize to one’s own use, the horoscope details can be used to choose the time to recite daily.

Can we put swastik on main door?

Why is swastik made?

Did you know making a swastik at the door entrance is considered auspicious. It brings prosperity, luck and happiness inside the house. You will be surprised to know that a swastik is usually made when someone starts a new venture or turns to a new chapter of life such as childbirth, buying a house, etc.

What is your review of Trishakti Yantra Om Swastik?

Trishakti Yantra to protects you from evil and negative energies. Very good quality product. I am hanging this Om Swastik Trishul on the door. It is very good for getting positive in our house, and it is very attractive for good luck. The product is as described, well finished. give a positive response. works very well.

What is the meaning of Om Swastik Trishul?

It is said that the door which is falling in the wrong direction according to the Vastu can be corrected by placing it over that wall. Om Swastik Trishul consists of three mythological words ‘Om’, ‘Swastik’, and ‘Trishul’.

What is the spiritual meaning of Om swastika Tri Energy?

Om, Swastika and Trishul symbol Of Auspicious. This Tri Energy Sacred Symbol purifies the whole atmosphere of your living space or working space. If All These Three Signs Are Displayed Together On The Out Side Of Main Door, It Is Supposed To Be Very Lucky And Also Protects The People Living Inside The House From All Types Of Evil Eyes.