What is the TVD cure?

What is the TVD cure?

The Cure, also known as the Cure for Immortality or the Cure for Vampirism, is one of the three known ways to reverse immortality, or more colloquially, vampirism. “The Cure” is a potion created by the witch Qetsiyah to reverse immortality.

Who came first Tatia and Amara?

Tatia was a distant descendant of Amara and was the first doppelgänger of Amara. Tatia’s Husband (Name Unknown): He was born during the 10th century AD and was married to Tatia.

Will Tatia appear in Vampire Diaries?

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series Tatia was mentioned by both Klaus and Elijah during the second season. The first reference of her was presented in the episode Klaus, during a flashback in which Elijah was introduced to Katerina Petrova.

Is Isobel related to Katherine?

Trivia. Both Isobel and Katherine are distantly related to each other by blood. Isobel bore Elena Gilbert, Katherine’s doppelgänger. Katherine also sired Damon as a vampire, but Damon also sired Isobel decades later.

What is still’s disease (AOSD)?

Still’s disease which occurs in children (under the age of 16) is known as systemic onset juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA). The following list includes the most common signs and symptoms in people with adult-onset Still’s disease (AOSD). These features may be different from person to person.

What are the diagnostic criteria for still’s disease?

While many diagnostic criteria have been proposed, the Yamagushi criteria have the highest sensitivity. The Yamaguchi criteria require the presence of five features, with at least two being major diagnostic criteria. Preliminary criteria for classification of adult Still’s disease.

What are the symptoms of still disease?

Summary Summary. Adult-onset Still’s disease (AOSD) is an inflammatory disease characterized by high fevers, rash, sore throat, and joint pain. Several joints are often affected at the same time, and the joints are often stiff for several hours in the morning.

What are the diagnostic criteria for adult onset still’s disease (AOSD)?

Diagnostic criteria for adult onset Still’s disease (AOSD) Yamaguchi’s criteria (Yamaguchi M. et al., . J Rheumatol. 19:424-30, 1992) Five or more criteria are required, of whom two or more must be major Major criteria Fever >39 °C, lasting 1 week or longer Arthralgia or arthritis, lasting 2 weeks or longer Typical rash 3 with >80%