What is the summary of The Canterville Ghost?

What is the summary of The Canterville Ghost?

The ghost of Sir Simon de Canterville has been roaming his castle searching in vain for a brave descendant who will release him from the Canterville curse by performing a brave deed. An American family moves in and finds the ghost amusing, but a young girl in the family can release him, if she dares.

What are the main points of the play Canterville ghost?

“The Canterville Ghost” is a short story by Oscar Wilde in which a girl befriends the ghost haunting Canterville Chase and helps him cross over into the afterlife. Horace B. Otis and his family move into Canterville Chase, which is haunted by the ghost of Sir Simon, who killed his wife there.

What is the conclusion of The Canterville Ghost?

At the end of the story “The Canterville Ghost,” the ghost of Sir Simon was able to attain salvation. Virginia’s purity and gentle behavior helped him in attaining peace. the skeleton of Sir Simon was given a burial right. The Otis and the Canterville gave farewell to the ghost by giving it the burial rights.

Why was the ghost angry with Mrs Otis?

Answer: Failing in his attempt to scare Mr Otis and the twins, the ghost decided to scare the Otis family with his evil laughter. This is why the ghost was angry with Mrs Otis.

What terrible secret is revealed to the Otis family about the Canterville Ghost?

Otis’s housekeeper claims that the blood stain in the living room dates back to the day of the murder. Otis scoffs at this and cleans it up, but the blood stain reappears the morning after. Later, it’s revealed that the ghost used Virginia Otis’s paints to recreate the stain.

What is the main conflict in the Canterville Ghost?

The external conflict that exists between Sir Simon the ghost and the Otis family is the main conflict in the story. Sir Simon continually comes up with new ideas to frighten and bother the Otis family with, but the Otis family repeatedly foils his attempts.

Why did the ghost want to turn himself into a large black dog?

(b) Why did the ghost want to turn himself into a large black dog? Answer: The ghost was annoyed that Mrs. Otis was not frightened of him and instead behaved unpleasantly with him. So, he wanted to frighten her in a different way.

Why did the ghost in the Canterville disturb?

Answer: The ghost was angry because he felt insulted. Mr. Otis offered him oil and the twins threw a pillow at him. People had always been frightened of him.

Why did The Canterville Ghost break down on reaching his room?

On reaching his own room, the ghost was annoyed at the vulgarity of the twins and the ‘gross materialism’ of Mrs. Otis. But the reason that made him really distressed was that he could not wear the armour suit.

What do you know about The Canterville Ghost?

In addition to the AFI list: The Canterville Ghost, a 1962 British television drama on the BBC Sunday-Night Play featuring Bernard Cribbins. The Canterville Ghost (1974), a made-for-TV film starring David Niven. The Canterville Ghost, a 1985 television film starring Richard Kiley, on PBS. The Canterville Ghost, a 1988 animated television special.

What is the conflict in The Canterville Ghost?

One of the basic conflicts in The Canterville Ghost is the collision between modernity and antiquity. The ghost represents the remnants of the past. The manner in which Sir Simon would easily terrify the servants and other members of the traditional classes is part of the past that is upturned when the Americans move into The Chase.

Who wrote the story The Canterville Ghost?

In music. The Canterville Ghost is an opera by the Russian composer Alexander Knaifel to a libretto by Tatiana Kramarova based on Wilde ‘s story. “The Canterville Ghost” is a song by the Austrian symphonic metal band Edenbridge about this ghost in the album Shine.