What is the success rate of surgical AI in dogs?

What is the success rate of surgical AI in dogs?

success rate 80% 70-80%
semen type n / a frozen / fresh
insemination cost stud fee only approx $500.00
delivery date estimated known

Can you artificially breed a dog?

Artificial insemination in dogs is quite common for dog breeders who are trying to contribute other attributes to their breeds. Artificial insemination involves collecting the semen of a male dog or stud, and then contributing this to the female dog’s reproductive system. This can be done at home or by a veterinarian.

Is it better to artificially inseminate a dog?

Artificial insemination can provide many benefits to breeding both in canines and other species. It allows the use of semen from stud dogs around the world without the requirement to transport the dogs, thereby opening up the possibilities of genetic diversity within a breed.

What is the success rate of artificial insemination?

According to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), artificial insemination success rates per individual cycle vary between 15.8% for women under 35, 11% for women aged 35 to 39 and 4.7% for women aged 40 to 42. Overall, over half of women having IUI become pregnant over the first six cycles.

How many times does it take for artificial insemination to work?

The procedure won’t work for everyone. Some couples try it several times before they get pregnant, while others may not have any success at all. Your doctor may suggest trying it at least three to six times with injectable hormones before moving on to another treatment.

Why choose the animal medical clinic for breeding?

Dr. Tracy Powell and the staff at the Animal Medical Clinic understand how important each and every breeding is to a breeder. So much time and money is invested in every litter. We want your breeding to be a success. We recommend performing the appropriate health tests for your breed prior to using the dog in your breeding program.

Why choose an AMC breeder?

Healthy dogs have improved fertility and better conception rates. The AMC is able to provide the necessary testing and services for a successful breeding. We can evaluate, handle and ship semen.

Can you board a dog for breeding?

For your convenience, we can board your dog and perform the necessary testing and breedings. The AMC is an AKC approved frozen semen facility. We freeze and store semen in house. We do not send it to another location to be stored. We can ship the frozen semen with appropriate notice.