What is the story of Setanta?

What is the story of Setanta?

Setanta was the nephew of King Conor of Ulster, son of his sister Dechtire, and it is said that his father was the sky god Lugh. The hero-to-be was brought up by King Conor himself, at Emain Macha, (Armagh) and while he was still a child his fame spread all over Ireland, thanks to his prowess as a boy warrior.

Is Setanta a Cuchulainn?

Cú Chulainn was an ancient Gaelic hero warrior who was gifted with superhuman strength, speed and skill. Setanta was his name as a young boy and his parents were Dechtire and Lugh. At the age of five Setanta left home to join the Red Branch Knights, the army of the king Conor Mac Nessa, who was his uncle.

Was Setanta a real person?

Long ago, around the time of Christ, there lived a boy named Setanta. His uncle, Conor MacNessa, was the king of Ulster. The king lived in a great fort, at a place called Eamhain Macha. (near the town of Armagh).

Why did Setanta join Macra?

The boys at Macra school were taught how to be warriors for Ulster. It was run by the King Conchobhar of Armagh to train the best young boys of the day to be great warriors for Ulster, called the Red Branch Knights. Setanta begged his mother to let him go there and join the warriors.

What happens if CÚ chulainn violates either of his Geasa?

In Irish mythology If someone under a geas violates the associated taboo, the infractor will suffer dishonor or even death. Aoife imposed three geasa on Connla, her son with Cú Chulainn: He cannot turn back once he starts his journey; he must not refuse a challenge; and he must never tell anyone his name.

What is the story of CÚ chulainn?

Cúchulainn was the son of the Celtic god Lugh and a mortal princess. He was destined for a short glorious life, and he was often depicted with the shadow of his doom looming over his shoulder. As a boy his name was Setanta. On a journey to join the king of Ulster’s court, he acquired a new name.

How did Setanta get his name?

At that, Setanta promised he’d take the place of the hound and protect Chulainn’s house until the pup was full grown. When the Druid Cathbad overheard this, it was as though a light shone on him, and he said from this point on, Cú Chulainn was to be Setanta’s name, which means “The Hound of Chulainn”.

What’s the meaning of Setanta?

In Celtic Baby Names the meaning of the name Setanta is: Mythical son of Sualtam.

What happened to Conchobhar when he forgot about Sétanta?

Conchobhar went ahead, but he forgot about Sétanta, and that evening Culann let loose his ferocious hound to guard his house as it was a dangerous place becasue of raiders and the like.

How did Sétanta kill the Hound?

When Sétanta arrived, the hound attacked him, but he killed it; some say by smashing it against a standing stone, and others by driving a sliotar (hurling ball) down its throat with his hurley.

Where did Sétanta get his name Cú Chulainn?

It is here that Sétanta spent his childhood and was given the name Cú Chulainn. Culann invited Conchobhar mac Neasa, king of Ulster, to a feast at his house on the slopes of Slieve Gullion.