What is the story behind La Sagrada Familia?

What is the story behind La Sagrada Familia?

The origins of Sagrada Familia are around 1866 when a congregation of devotees of St. Joseph had the idea of building a temple in his honor. The first stone was laid in 1882, on March 19, the feast of San José, in the middle of a land of 12,000 square meters.

Why did they build the Sagrada Familia?

The Sagrada Familia is an expiatory temple, that is to say, a place made to commemorate the reparation of sins made against God or the laws of the Church. The work is directly financed by donations made by visitors and the public, which explains its slow construction progress.

What are three interesting facts about La Sagrada Familia?

Here are six fun facts about the Sagrada Familia

  • It’s been under construction for over a century.
  • It used to be the site of a school.
  • Gaudi is buried there.
  • It’s a man-made masterpiece, inspired by nature.
  • It’s the tallest religious building in Europe.
  • Builders of the Sagrada Familia are immortalized in stone.

What does Sagrada mean?

Sagrada is a Spanish word meaning “sacred”. It may refer to: Sagrada, Missouri, a community in the United States. La Sagrada Família, a church in Barcelona, Spain. Rhamnus purshiana, a medical plant commonly called cascara sagrada (“sacred bark”)

Why is La Sagrada Familia so famous?

The Sagrada Família is famous for being one of the most iconic examples of Antoni Gaudí’s unique style, combining elements of Art Nouveau, Catalan Modernism and Spanish Late Gothic design. The theme of nature figures prominently in Gaudí’s design, both in terms of symbolism and the use of organic shapes and forms.

Who is funding Sagrada Familia?

The construction of the Basilica has long been funded by donations and alms. La Sagrada Familia is a Basilica and received the name of Expiatory temple because its construction is not supported by any government or church funds. During the earliest stage of its building, it was funded by private patrons.

What is the Sagrada Familia used for today?

La Sagrada Familia/Function

Why is Barcelona Cathedral Unfinished?

Parts of the unfinished basilica and Gaudí’s models and workshop were destroyed during the war by Catalan anarchists. The present design is based on reconstructed versions of the plans that were burned in a fire as well as on modern adaptations.

What is the Sagrada Família used for today?

How long have they been building the Sagrada Família?

Construction began in 1882 on the Sagrada Familia, which is Gaudí’s most famous creation. Since then, construction has only been interrupted once, during the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s. When the architect died in 1926, not even a quarter of the cathedral was built.

Was Antoni Gaudi a Freemason?

Indeed, Gaudí was probably a freemasonist, as his childhodd friend Eduard was one and because Gaudí was born in Reus, one of the cradles of freemasonry and also because Gaudí’s patron, Guëll, was also said to be a freemasonist.