What is the root word of encumber?

What is the root word of encumber?

encumber (v.) early 14c., “burden, vex, inconvenience,” from Old French encombrer “to block up, hinder, thwart,” from Late Latin incombrare, from in- “in” (from PIE root *en “in”) + combrus “barricade, obstacle,” probably from Latin cumulus “heap” (see cumulus).

Is it Incumber or encumber?

As verbs the difference between encumber and incumber is that encumber is to load down something with a burden while incumber is .

What does it mean to encumber something?

Definition of encumber transitive verb. 1 : weigh down, burden tourists encumbered by heavy luggage. 2 : to impede or hamper the function or activity of : hinder negotiations encumbered by a lack of trust.

Is Encumberment a word?

noun The act of encumbering; obstruction; interference.

What is the right to encumber?

The right to encumber the property essentially means the right to mortgage the property as collateral for debt. There may be restrictions to this right, such as a spouse’s right to limit the degree to which a homestead may be mortgaged.

Is Incumber a word?

1. to impede or hinder; hamper. 2. to block up or fill with superfluous or obstructive things.

What is the Latin root meaning of Somnambulate?

Somnambulate is a wonderful word, and you may recognize the Latin roots: somnus, “sleep,” as in somniferous, “something putting you to sleep,” somnolent, “sleepy, or making you sleepy,” and Sominex, the brand name of a sleeping pill.

How do you use the word encumber?

(1) I don’t want to encumber myself with unnecessary luggage. (2) Red tape encumbered all our attempts at action. (3) He died in 1874, heavily encumbered by debt. (4) Lead weights and air cylinders encumbered the divers as they walked to the shore.

What were the secret police called?


Agency overview
Formed 26 April 1933
Preceding agency Prussian Secret Police (founded 1851)
Dissolved 8 May 1945
Type Secret police

What is an encumbered asset?

Definition of Encumbered Asset. Encumbered Asset means, at any time, any asset of the Borrower or any Restricted Subsidiary, other than an RC Asset, that satisfies each of the following requirements at such time: (a) such asset shall be of a class set forth as an “Eligible Asset Class” on Schedule 1.01(c),…

What is encumbered amount?

A record found in an accounting ledger which represents a planned or obligated expenditure. When the encumbered expenditure open item is placed in the ledger, the amount required to fund the item is set aside and is accounted for as an obligation. See also open item.

What does encumberment mean?

Definition of encumbrance. 1 : something that encumbers : impediment, burden. 2 : a claim (such as a mortgage) against property.

What are encumbered funds?

Encumbered funds are monies that are intentionally set aside to pay for future obligated or planned expenses, according to the Business Dictionary.