What is the rest Q?

What is the rest Q?

The RESTQ-Sport questionnaire measures stress and recovery rates in athletes. Adequate recovery is important to restore the body to the pre-exercise state and prepare for the next bout of exercise. purpose: this tool is for evaluating athlete recovery using a questionnaire.

What is the Restq sport?

The RESTQ-Sport-52 version is a psychometrically-based designed to assess a player’s recovery-stress state [3, 4,25], Consisting of twelve basic scales (seven stress scales: General Stress, Emotional Stress, Social Stress, Conflicts/Pressure, Fatigue, Lack of Energy, Physical Complaints; and five recovery scales: …

What is total quality recovery?

The Total Quality Recovery Scale (TQR) was used compare the athletes’ blood creatine kinase (CK) to their recovery state. Thus, the findings indicate that TQR could be used in the evaluation of professional soccer athletes to determine recovery state after an official game.

What is the difference between the different versions of RESTQ?

A general version (RESTQ-Basic) with seven stress scales and five recovery scales is the foundation for the specific versions for athletes (RESTQ-Sport), for coaches (RESTQ-Coach), for adolescents (RESTQ-CA) and for the work context (RESTQ-Work). All versions contain scales measuring specific aspects of stress and recovery in their field.

Who is the publisher of RESTQ?

Publisher: Pearson Assessment & Information GmbH. Editor: Kallus, K.W., & Kellmann, M. (Eds.) The RESTQ was developed to measure the frequency of current stress symptoms along with the frequency of recovery-associated activities.

What is the Stress dimension in RESTQ?

The basic Recovery. The stress dimension encompasses two sub-dimensions which are labeled as Social-Emotional Stress, and Performance (related) Stress. The Overall Stress value is es- pecially recommended, when using a short version of the RESTQ. Stress and recovery