What is the rarest Creo in EvoCreo?

What is the rarest Creo in EvoCreo?


Creo Rarity Level
Monkopod Ultra Rare 2-5
Deor Rare 2-5
Radow Uncommon 2-5
Balloo Common 2-5

How do you get Dracoad in EvoCreo?

Dracoad can only be obtained through the expansion called Alphite Emergence. It is highly recommended that your party is level 97+, or else you will face huge struggles. While he cannot be obtained in the wild, talk to Skydda in Atmos City once you buy the expansion, follow the path toward where Tias told you to be.

What do the stars mean in EvoCreo?

Creo stars tell you how good your Creo are. If your Creo have 1 star,but are a high level, you have probably wasted your time. The more stars, the better, and, based on how high the stars are when you do Creo summons, It is sometimes worthwhile to do it, as the stars can be 7 or higher.

What are the prime Creo?

“Prime Creo are Creo with genetic structures identical to the first Creo that came to this dimension with the first Alphites.

How do you get prime Creo?

This Prime Creo is one of the largest of its kind. In order to capture Aerialanx, You must reach the Cave of the Winds. You will need to be in Atmos City. Once there you need to glide all the way to the top of the map towards the left side.

Where do you get flux link in Evocreo?

Flux Links Can Be Obtained from Fortuna City Shop,Dominus Link is somewhere in cave of wonders .. Also .. If You Unlock The Handler Ability(the Player Ability) it makes capturing creo much easier.

What is prestige in Evocreo?

The10kingĀ· 3/15/2019. You can increase creos star level by one when you prestige.You prestige once you get to level 100(option) it resets it to normal(if it can be) and to level 5 but with another star. (edited by The10king)

What is the best Creo in EvoCreo?

Blix is the most sociable known Prime Creo. It is very curious and is always looking to make new friends.

What are the starters in EvoCreo?


  • Monkopod.
  • Skalanka.
  • Deor.
  • Rebas.
  • Furen.