What is the quietest part of Cyprus?

What is the quietest part of Cyprus?

Polis & Latchi What is this? The northern shore of Cyprus is quiet and wild compared to the south, with few resort areas. The twin settlements of Polis and Latchi are located in Chrysochou Bay, just around the coast from the Akamas Peninsula.

Which is the nicest part of Cyprus?

8 Best Cyprus Towns and Resorts

  • Paphos.
  • Coral Bay.
  • Ayia Napa.
  • Limassol.
  • Protaras.
  • Pernera.
  • Nicosia.
  • Larnaca.

What is the best area to stay in Cyprus?

Quick Answers: Where is the Best Place to Stay in Cyprus?

  • Limassol – Overall Best Place to Stay in Cyprus.
  • Paphos – Best Place to Stay in Cyprus For Families.
  • Larnaca – Most Romantic Place to Stay in Cyprus for Couples.
  • Nicosia – Coolest Place to Stay in Cyprus.
  • Kyrenia – One of the Most Unique Places to Stay in Cyprus.

Is Paphos quiet?

Paphos is a small town that’s easily walkable. It’s an extremely beautiful destination in Cyprus and is the perfect place to stay for a peaceful beach vacation. This is close to all the best attractions, the beach, and it’s where you’ll find most of the restaurants and cafes.

Which is better Larnaca or Paphos?

Larnaca is more concentrated in one area than Paphos and has a more manageable, small-town feel than Limassol. Consequently, if you’re trying to decide between staying in Larnaca or Ayia Napa, note that the latter is generally better if you would rather stay in an all-inclusive resort.

Where is the best beach to stay in Cyprus?

The best beach hotels in Cyprus, including ocean views, seafront restaurants and activities galore

  • Anassa Hotel.
  • Crowne Plaza Limassol.
  • Mediterranean Beach Hotel.
  • Leonardo Plaza Cypria Maris Beach Hotel & Spa.
  • Alexander the Great Beach Hotel.
  • Constantinou Bros Athena Beach Hotel.
  • Alion Beach Hotel.
  • Annabelle.

Is Larnaca or Paphos better?

Is Paphos touristy?

Nice to walk to and some of the restaurants have good harbour views. The sea trips all go from here. Not really much to see although the outside of the castle is interesting from a historical point of view.

Which is nicer Larnaca or Paphos?

Which part of Cyprus has the best beaches?

Best beaches in Cyprus

  1. CORAL BAY. A landscape of banana plantations and vineyards surrounds this pretty slice of white sand.
  2. NISSI BEACH. Nissi Beach might be just round the corner from nightlife hotspot Ayia Napa, but the vibe couldn’t be more different.

Is Cyprus safe for solo female Travellers?

With street crime low, most women who go to Cyprus on their own will have no problems at all. As long as you are vigilant, stick to main tourist routes and are not over-trusting of complete strangers, lone female travellers will find this sunny destination to be warm, friendly and very safe.

Is this 5-star hotel in Cyprus family friendly?

This 5-star hotel is very family friendly and quiet. Its located on the west coast of Cyprus, just a 40 minute drive from the main resort of Paphos. It overlooks the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and has a pretty and clean shingle beach, available to hotel guests.

How much do Quiet Resorts cost in Cyprus?

What is the price for quiet resorts in Cyprus? Over the last 30 days, quiet resorts in Cyprus have been available starting from £36, though prices have typically been closer to £67. Price estimates were calculated on 17 October 2020.

What are the best places to visit in Cyprus?

1 Pissouri Pissouri is a small village located between Limassol and Paphos. Pissouri Village Square is a popular place to visit when coming here. 2 Latchi/Polis Polis is located on the west of Cyprus, about 45 minute drive north from Paphos. Polis surrounds the fishing port of Latchi. 3 Pernera

Where is the best place to stay in Protaras?

“Probably the best Gardens and location in Protaras you can find a quiet corner on top of the sea or have a drink and lunch at the beach bar.Staff are fantastic and service at beach bed excellent.”