What is the purpose of Sunday school?

What is the purpose of Sunday school?

Sunday school classes usually precede a Sunday church service and are used to provide catechesis to Christians, especially children and teenagers, and often adults as well. Churches of many Christian denominations have classrooms attached to the church used for this purpose.

How do I teach my toddler Jesus?

Here are a few of these tips:

  1. Let your kids see your Real Faith.
  2. Apologize often.
  3. Find a good kids’ Bible, and read it routinely.
  4. Spend time playing Legos, and combing Barbie’s hair, and giving back scratches.
  5. Replace a some “secular” books, movies, songs, and toys with some high-quality Jesus-centered ones.

How can I teach my baby about God?

Here are some ways that you can teach your infant about God’s love from the beginning.

  1. Play Christian Music.
  2. Read Bible Stories.
  3. Make Going to Church a Habit.
  4. Keep Jesus in the Holidays.
  5. Add Prayer into Baby’s Daily Routine.
  6. Show Your Baby the Love of a Parent.
  7. Set a Good Example.

What is the theme of your Sunday school lesson?

Here are 15 Sunday School lesson themes that will inspire participation while also planting great seeds of truth. Theme: What is God Like? He is Eternal Questions: Who is the oldest person you know? Do you know what the words Alpha and Omega mean?

What are some Sunday school activities for kids?

Sunday School Activities 1 Bless Others. Join “ The Secret Service ” — an irresistibly fun way to encourage kids to look out for the needs of others. 2 Build It. Have an assortment of blocks and/or Legos. 3 Eat Yummy Food. Decorate (and eat…) these cute Fig Newton Bibles. 4 Grow Something. 5 Branch Out.

How can I add exciting themes to my Sunday school class?

Sunday school themes have to take on a new life in order to keep interest while delivering the message. That is easier said than done. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to add excitement to a Sunday school lesson or class through themes directed toward various age groups. Early lesson themes designed to appeal to the very young

What are the best free Sunday school lessons for all ages?

Free Sunday School Lessons for All Ages 1. Adam and Eve. Use this straight-forward Sunday School Lesson: Adam and Eve to teach Creation to your kids. 2. Sunday School Lesson: The Armor of God. Use this Sunday school lesson with kids of all ages from the popular Kids’ Travel Guide to the Armor of God.