What is the purpose of axial fan?

What is the purpose of axial fan?

In general, an axial-flow fan is suitable for a larger flow rate with a relatively small pressure gain and a centrifugal fan for comparatively smaller flow rate and a large pressure rise. They are used to supply fresh air, to suck air from return air trenches, to suck air from rotary filters, to exhaust air out etc.

Where can you use industrial fans?

These fans are used in homes, appliances and small ventilation systems. Industrial fans are designed with heavier duty materials and components to operate longer, supply greater air flow and pressure, and meet more stringent environmental and ambient requirements.

Where are axial fans commonly used?

Axial fans move large volumes of air effectively and efficiently and are commonly used to cool both small and large spaces. They can cool electronic equipment or computer rooms. They can be used in HVAC operations, in ac condensers, heat exchange units, or for spot cooling in industrial systems.

What is tubeaxial fan?

tubeaxial fan. 1. A fan consisting of a propeller or disk-type wheel within a cylinder; may be either belt-driven or connected directly to a motor. 2. A type of axial-flow fan which is similar to a vaneaxial fan but without downstream guide vanes. Lower in efficiency than the vaneaxial fan, but also lower in cost.

What is an axial fan?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Further information: Mechanical fan An axial fan is a type of fan that causes gas to flow through it in an axial direction, parallel to the shaft about which the blades rotate. The flow is axial at entry and exit.

What is a direct drive tube axial fan?

Direct drive tube axial fans are used for heat control process, smoke or heat removal, general ventilation as well as process ventilation purposes. The tube axial fans of this type require less maintenance than belt driven ones.

What is the difference between the Type “P” and vaneaxial fans?

The Type “P” Tubeaxial includes all of the design advantages of the Vaneaxial Fan, except that guide vanes are not provided. Propeller The heart of the Type “P” fans lies in its propeller. Cast of high strength aluminum alloy, the one-piece propeller has been developed to maximize the high- est efficiency possible.