What is the product description of the Canon EF 28mm?

What is the product description of the Canon EF 28mm?

Product Description. The Canon EF 28mm f/2.8 IS USM wide-angle lens is a 21st century update to a popular and widely used fixed focal length lens. This is a fixed focal length wide-angle 28mm lens equipped with Canon Optical Image Stabilizer technology, superb image quality and performance perfect for use in any number of photographic applications.

Is the Canon EOS 28mm good?

The Canon EF 28mm f/2.8 IS USM Lens has a clean, smooth, fixed-size design that is comfortable to carry and use. While light and small, the 28 IS feels solidly built. The barrel is made of an engineering plastic that has a nice quality feel to it. Plastic is light – light is an often-desired lens characteristic.

What does 28mm focal length mean on a camera?

When used on an APS-C format DSLR, the 28mm focal length delivers an angle of view similar to what a near-normal 44.8mm lens delivers on a full frame sensor format body. While a prime lens does not have the versatility of a zoom, the 44.8mm angle of view is about as general purpose as it gets for a prime lens.

How sharp is the image on the 28 is?

The 28 IS is quite sharp across the frame at f/2.8 – and is razor sharp at f/4. There is no need to stop down any further for better image sharpness. Peripheral shading in full frame corners is about 3 stops at f/2.8 (moderately strong, but not unusual) and about 1.5 stops at f/4.0.

What is the difference between Canon EF and is?

Canon calls this the CANON LENS EF 28mm f/2.8 IS USM. EF means “electronic focus,” meaning that there is an autofocus motor in the lens itself. All Canon lenses since 1987 have been EF. IS means Image Stabilization.

Will this Canon EOS 28mm work with my EOS 650?

This Canon EF EOS 28mm f/2.8 IS works perfectly with every Canon EOS camera ever made, meaning every Canon DSLR and every Canon autofocus film camera made since 1987. This means of course it works great on today’s 5D Mark III, 6D and Canon 7D, but I tried and autofocus and IS work just as well on my original Canon EOS 650 from 1987!

How sharp is your zoom at 28mm?

My zoom is f/4.5 at 28 mm with nowhere near the sharpness. All wide aperture zooms covering 28 mm are huge, heavy, expensive, and not as sharp. For my object distances, I can zoom with my feet.