What is the pillar drill used for?

What is the pillar drill used for?

Pillar drills are free-standing machines that use a motor to rotate a bit with variable speed range. The drill press can be used to cut holes of different diameters into different types of material such as wood or metal.

Where are pillar drills used?

Pillar drills (also referred to as drill press machines) are versatile machines that can be used on a wide range of materials where single hole drilling is required. The head is lowered vertically and plunges into the material by means of a hand lever and the table can be adjusted to suit varying sizes of material.

Why is a pillar drill called a pillar drill?

The larger version of the machine drill is called the pillar drill. This has a long column which stands on the floor. This can do exactly the same work as the bench drill but because of its larger size it is capable of being used to drill larger pieces of materials and produce larger holes.

How much power does a pillar drill use?

between 350 and 700 watts
Speeds of 120-2,500 rpm are standard and sufficient for DIY applications. The power should be between 350 and 700 watts.

Who uses pillar drill?

Pillar drills are used more in an industrial setting while Bench Drills will suit the DIY enthusiast more. A Pillar or Bench drill can drill through most materials. There is a working table attached to the pillar of the drill, which itself can be moved up and down the column to accommodate different size materials.

What materials can be used in a pillar drill?

The pillar drill is primarily used to drilling holes in wood. It is ideal for plywood and both hardwood and softwood timber. Never drill MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) using the pillar drill.

What are the parts of a pillar drill?

Now let’s discuss it one by one.

  • Base. The base is the most important part of the pillar drill machine, it is the foundation.
  • Column or Pillar. The column is a vertical pole mounted on the rear side of the base.
  • Worktable.
  • Spindle.
  • Drill Head.
  • Motor.

Can a pillar drill drill metal?

Pillar drill is the best for metal When working with hard materials, it is important to get the drill holes in the correct angle. The pillar drill machine is recommended over conventional drill machines.

What is a pillar tool?

The Universal Pillar Tool includes four iron castings, namely the Base , 2 Arms and the 6″ diameter Table . The base is secured to a base board and supports the ground steel column . This column carries the two arms, which are quite free to slide up and down or rotate about it. The table will fit either arm.

Why choose a Meddings drilling machine?

Meddings design, manufacture and distribute a range of drilling machines worldwide. Meddings drilling machines are supplied into many training facilities around the world because of their quality, durability and safety features. Training engineers for the future, needs the best machines.

Is a Meddings M4 a proper drill?

I have owned a Meddings M4 for about 30 years with every satisfaction. It is a “proper ” heavily built machine designed to do accurate and frequent work. I also have a Clarke drill, inherited from my late Uncle, of similar specification and they are as different as chalk and cheese.

What is the difference between the drilltru and the M4 drill?

The Drilltru has 5 speeds from 500-4000rpm which will limit its maximum drill size. The M4 has a very heavy table which if not fitted with the optional rise and fall mechanism tends to require some muscle power to adjust.