What is the number 1 music podcast?

What is the number 1 music podcast?

1 ▶– Off the Record with DJ Akademiks
8 ▲32 Cumulus Podcast Network Zach Sang: Just The Interviews Podcast
9 ▶– Rory Farrell & Jamil “Mal” Clay New Rory & MAL
10 ▼4 Hrishikesh Hirway Song Exploder
11 NEW Chiquis and Chill

What DJS have podcasts?

EDM Culture: 10 DJ Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

  • Behind The Iron Curtain – Umek (Techno)
  • Tritonia – Tritonal.
  • In The Air – Morgan Page.
  • Keeping The Rave Alive – Kutski (Hardstyle)
  • SuperTab Radio – Super8 & Tab (Trance)
  • Fool’s Gold Radio – A-Trak & Nick Catchdubs (Multiple)
  • The Black Madonna We Still Believe Radio.

Is there a podcast that plays music?

Song Exploder This has fast become one of the most listened-to and celebrated music podcasts going, even sparking a spin-off Netflix series! The premise is simple: an artist speaks about one of their songs, breaking it apart – exploding it, if you will – to explain how the track came to fruition.

How do you DJ a podcast?

Listening Dog Media are producing a brand new music podcast with 6 Music presenter, Chris Hawkins called How To DJ. The podcast is an in depth conversation between Chris and some of the world’s biggest and best club, radio and every other music DJ to discuss everything about the art of DJing.

What are some good podcast names?

Catchy podcast name ideas

  • Griefcast With Cariad Lloyd.
  • WTF With Marc Maron.
  • Song Exploder.
  • Mike Birbiglia’s Working It Out.
  • The Lazy Genius.
  • Dare to Lead with Brené Brown.
  • WE Well-Being Podcast.
  • Beautiful Anonymous.

Where can I find podcast music?

Best Free Platforms for Podcast Music

  1. Pixabay. Pixabay music gives access to free downloads of royalty free music, available for both commercial and non-commercial use.
  2. YouTube Audio Library.
  3. Incompetech.
  4. Free Music Archive.
  5. Soundcloud.
  6. Dig by ccMixter.

What musicians have podcasts?

10 Best Podcasts Hosted By Musicians

  1. 1 Broken Record.
  2. 2 Distraction Pieces With Scroobius Pip.
  3. 3 Turned Out A Punk.
  4. 4 One Life One Chance.
  5. 5 Questlove Supreme.
  6. 6 Awsten + Travis’ Slumber Party.
  7. 7 Alice Cooper’s Vintage Vault.
  8. 8 Table Manners With Jessie Ware.

Do I need a license to play music on my podcast?

By law, all copyrighted music is considered intellectual property. You must get the rights to synchronize it into your recorded program. This can include music from an artist that you might be doing a story about — you still need permission!

What should I name my music podcast?

How do you name a podcast episode?

Summary: Podcast Episode Titles Title it so it shows up clearly in search. Don’t waste space – be as succinct as possible. Avoid putting episode numbers, your podcast series name, or the word “Episode” in there. Unless it’s at the end.

Is it legal to play music on a podcast?

Yes! It’s legal to play copyrighted music on a podcast so long as you’ve cleared the rights or are following Fair use.

What are the best podcasts for DJs?

The DJcity Podcast features daily mixes by DJs from around the world. They carry a selection of dj equipment, dj gear, dj records, hip-hop vinyl, dj music, remix records, mash-ups records, party break records, compilation records, reggae, reggaeton, latin, rock, pop, electro, dance, scratch, and hip hop records. 2. Talkover Podcast

What makes a good music podcast?

The best music podcasts are equal parts fascinating and addictive, telling the stories behind the music and breaking down what’s in the secret sauce. We’ve entered the golden era of podcasting, especially when it comes to music podcasts, but as the ecosystem grows larger and more diverse, decision paralysis inevitably sets in.

What is the New York Times’music podcast?

It may be called Popcast, but the New York Times ’ music podcast covers a wide scope of music.

What is Thethe podcast?

THE ultimate podcast, created and hosted by Andy Kushner, sharing behind-the-scenes stories of some of the most influential music industry pros around. Gain insight, education, and inspiration from going deep into the psyches of artists, record producers, songwriters, recording engineers, managers, record industry executives, and more.