What is the national flower for each country?

What is the national flower for each country?

Did you know?

Country National Flower
United States of America Rose (Rosa)
United Kingdom (England) Tudor Rose (Rosa)
United Kingdom (Wales) Leek (Babbingtons Leek), Daffodil (Narcissus Amaryllidaceae)
Uruguay Ceibo Erythrina (Crista-Galli)

What is the name of the national flower of Barbados?

Pride of Barbados
The National Flower of Barbados is the Pride of Barbados (Dwarf Poinciana or Flower Fence). References to this flower were recorded as early as 1657. It is a shrub and is often pruned into a low hedge.

Is the Hibiscus the national flower of Trinidad?

The title is in honour of the last Spanish Governor of Trinidad and Tobago, Don Jose Maria Chacon. This flower which is known by its long sprays of magnificient vermillion, blooms on every anniversary of our Independence. As an indigenious flower it has been witness to our entire history.

What is the national flower of New Zealand?

New Zealand does not have an official national flower, but the silver fern (Cyathea dealbata), which appears on army insignia and sporting team uniforms, is an unofficial national emblem. Other unofficial symbols are the red pōhutukawa (Metrosideros excelsa) and yellow kōwhai (Sophora spp.).

What is the national flower of Jamaica?

Lignum Vitae
On the basis of the response, the Jamaica Horticultural Society recommended to the National Flower Committee that the ower of the Lignum Vitae be chosen as the National Flower of Jamaica.

What is the Bahamas national flower?

The Yellow Elder
The Yellow Elder – National Flower of The Bahamas – Government – Details. The Yellow Elder was chosen as the national flower of the Bahamas because it is native to the Bahama Islands, and it blooms throughout the year.

What is Guyana national flower?

Victoria amazonica
Victoria amazonica is a species of flowering plant, the largest of the water lily family Nymphaeaceae. It is the national flower of Guyana.

What is Pakistan national flower?

In Pakistan, Jasmine is a very common plant and one can find it in any garden. Because of its attractive scent, the white jasmine symbolizes attachment and represents amiability and modesty; therefore, Jasmine was named the national flower of Pakistan.

What is the national flower of Greece?

The laurel has always been prominent in Greece, from antiquity to the present. It is with laurels that the winners of the Olympic games were crowned, and it was Apollo’s symbolic plant.