What is the most powerful weapon in Fable 3?

What is the most powerful weapon in Fable 3?

1 Jack’s Hammer The most powerful weapon in Fable 3 when it comes to raw stats, is Jack’s Hammer. Belonging to the infamous Jack of Blades, the hammer can be found in the Auroran Mine or The Moral View in Aurora. Rarely, it can also be acquired in random weapon locations.

How do you get Avos lamentation?

Avo’s Lamentation is a legendary sword in Fable III. It may be found inside the Ossuary’s Golden Door or in The Moral View in Aurora. Rarely it can be found in one of the other random weapon locations.

How do you open the Demon Door in Mistpeak Valley?

This Demon Door requires you to go through all of possible good expressions with your co-op partner. Perform these actions in front of the door by holding A until the controller vibrates. Continue to go through all of the good expressions (this process may take a few tries, and soon enough, the door will open.

Where is the best place to buy weapons in Fable 3?

Weapon Shops

  • Brightwall Village – Brightwall Blades.
  • Bowerstone Market – The Iron Hoof.
  • City of Aurora – The Armoury.

Can you keep the Scimitar of Baron slaying in Fable 3?

The Scimitar of Baron Slaying +3 is a unique legendary sword that appears during the quest The Game and is needed to slay the Baron….Roblox: DeepWoken – The Loop.

The Scimitar of Baron Slaying +3
Type Sword
Damage 10 – 76
Augmentations Know-It-All, Space Geek, Oh, The Irony

Is Reaver the same in Fable 2 and 3?

Reaver leaves his home behind in both Fable II and Fable III. In Fable II, after Reaver leaves for Samarkand, Bloodstone Mansion is abandoned and can be bought by the Hero of Bowerstone, although Reaver leaves a heated letter behind for the “usurper”, stating he will kill him or her and take back what’s rightfully his.

Where is the silver key in the Dweller Camp?

The only silver key in this location can be found at Sabin’s farm. To get it, leave the village after signing the oath [1] and immediately return. The gate will be opened and the key is behind the house on the right [2].

Where is the gold key in Mistpeak Valley?

This entrance is closest to the Mistpeak Monorail Station, has no snow outside and is marked by a lit brazier. The key is located at the end of the cave upon exiting back into the valley; the exit is on the right half of a path that splits into two.

What is the most powerful hammer in Fable 3?

Jack’s Hammer
Jack’s Hammer has the highest raw damage out of all the weapons in Fable III, as it can deal up to 163 once the “Murderer” augment has been completed.

Is Reaver dead fable?

Besides Theresa, Reaver is the only character who has (without being resurrected) appeared in multiple Fable games. He also has one of the most extensive and detailed backstory. Along with Scythe and Theresa, Reaver is one of the three longest-lived people in Albion.

Is Wraithmarsh an oakvale?

Wraithmarsh was once the lush and quiet farm village Oakvale, hometown to Theresa and The Hero of Oakvale. 500 years before the events of Fable II, Jack of Blades razed Oakvale to locate the Sword of Aeons.

Where can I find the silver key for mistpeak Valley?

There you will find the Silver Key. (The Hole) Enter Millfields Monorail Station (across from Pepperpot Cave). There is a silver key at the boarding platform around the back side. While this key is found in Millfields it still counts towards the number of keys for Mistpeak Valley.

Where is the gnome in mistpeak Valley?

The Gnome is atop the waterfall. Mistpeak Valley (3/7) In the snowy mountains, a path a few bridges up from the entrance to Brightwall leads to some ruins with a skeleton in a pit. The Gnome is hanging on the cliff wall just on the other side of a short fence. The ruins are on the Brightwall side of the valley.

How do I get to the hole in the mistpeak?

At the entrance to The Hole via the Mistpeak Monorail Station elevator, run down towards the burning wreckage of the Monorail. A post on the far side of the wreckage has a Gnome sticking to it.

Where can I find a gnome?

If you run down the hill a bit from sabine’s gate and hang a left at a fire pit you’ll find a small path up to a 5 Silver Key Chest. Look up in the hills from here to spot the Gnome by a fence. Run up the hill from the Monorail station and you’ll come to an overlook (with a Silver Key ). Just to the right of the key is a Gnome.