What is the most expensive wine collection?

What is the most expensive wine collection?

1) A 17,000 bottles collection sold at the Tran-scend-ent Wines Auction. This auction took place in March 2019 in Hong Kong and set a new world record for a private wine collection, with a sale price of $29.8 million.

Who has the largest wine collection in the world?

Mileștii Mici
There was a time when every other bottle of wine that was consumed in the USSR was produced in Moldova; it was that popular. 1) Mileștii Mici, the wine city, is 200 km long! 2) It holds Guinness Book of World Records for having the biggest wine collection in the world.

What is a good wine collection?

Stark says to build a collection of $90 bottles that will age well, especially Burgundy. “Buy it for $100 and then by the time you’re drinking it three years later, it’s $175,” she says. “Burgundy is the cool-kid wine right now.”

How many bottles of wine are in Bill Koch wine cellar?

43,000 bottles
“I did some simple arithmetic,” says Bill Koch, the billionaire industrialist who is selling nearly half of his vast wine collection in a three-day Sotheby’s auction starting on May 19. “I have over 43,000 bottles. It would take me 150 years to drink them all.

Who has the largest wine collection in the US?

And In Tampa… Yes, Bern’s Steakhouse Tampa, Florida hosts one of the world’s largest wine collections. The cellar must be deep to survive that Florida heat, because the collection—600,000 and counting—seems to be holding up.

How much does a good wine collection cost?

In one example, “good” wines might cost around $25, “better” might be between $25 and $60, and “best,” over $60. In some cases, after the initial investment, there is potential for longer-term economic benefit, as fine wine tends to appreciate in value as it matures.

Where can I sell expensive wine?

Auction House – Traditional But if you have a very valuable collection, wine auctions may be your best bet. Think along the lines of Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and Zachys. Selling to traditional auction houses takes a lot of research though.