What is the most common girl name ever?

What is the most common girl name ever?

The Most Popular Baby Names Of All Time

  • Mary. Mary, the mother of Jesus, is the most popular name of all-time for girls.
  • Patricia.
  • Elizabeth.
  • Jennifer.
  • Linda.
  • Barbara.
  • Margaret.
  • Susan.

What are good girl names?

– Top Baby Girl Names. Charlotte 5. Elizabeth 17. Scarlett 22. Penelope 26. Victoria 35. Brooklyn 55. Savannah 68. Serenity 71. – Classic Girl Names. Adriana 103. Adrianna 104. Alexandra 106. Angelica 113. Bethany 115. Bridget 117. Brittany 118. Catalina 121. – Old-fashioned Baby Girl Names. Old-fashioned girl names can be charming, and can sometimes make a comeback and become popular again. – Pretty Baby Girl Names. Adelina 305. Alejandra 315. Alessandra 316. Alianna 320. Angelina 334. Annabella 336. Annabelle 337. – Cute Girl Names. Arielle 478. Cassidy 486. Charlie 488. Emberly 498. Emmeline 499. Frankie 503. Haisley 510. Harleigh 516. – Cool Girl Names. You may have decided that you want a baby name that is modern and different, or simply put, cool. Addilyn 609. – Uniquely Spelled Baby Girl Names. Adalynn 807. Addilynn 808. Addisyn 809. Addyson 810. Alannah 815. Alisson 817. Allyson 819. Ashlynn 822. – Nature-Inspired Baby Girl Names. Clementine 906. Crystal 907. Emerald 910. Jasmine 915. Juniper 918. Magnolia 920. Oakleigh 923. Oaklynn 926. – Words as Baby Girl Names. Many names have a hidden meaning, but you may want your girl’s name to reflect a meaning more obviously. – Place Names as Baby Girl Names. You may like the trend of naming your baby girl after the city, town, or location where she was conceived, or of naming your – The Bottom Line. Do you have your own shortlist of top baby girl names yet?

What are some popular middle names for girls?

Most popular middle names for girls Louise Rose Grace Jane and Elizabeth (joint) Anne/Ann May/Mae Marie Mary Amy and Catherine (joint) Kate and Victoria (joint)

What are common white girl names?

Other Names: The White Lady goes by many names around the world. Among the most common of these are: the Woman in White, Gray Lady (commonly used in the United Kingdom), Vanishing Hitchhiker (as she is known in North America), Dames Blanche.

What are some American girl names?

The names of some American Girl dolls include Addy, Caroline, Josefina and Julie. Kaya, Kit, Rebecca and Samantha are also the names of some American Girl dolls.