What is the message of La Jaula de Oro?

What is the message of La Jaula de Oro?

In Spanish-born filmmaker Diego Quemada-Díez’s “La Jaula de Oro” (The Golden Dream), about three Guatemalan teenagers making their way to America, the line between constraint and escape is ever shifting, and the promise of a better life up north must always contend with the reality of what it takes to get there.

How does La Jaula de Oro end?

The movie ends with Juan looking up at snow falling in the night sky, realizing that Chauk had wanted to come north to see snow for the first time.

Where was La Jaula de Oro filmed?

Co-produced with the esteemed Inna Payán, La Jaula de Oro was filmed in Guatemala, the United States, and Mexico, and won Un Certain Regard at Cannes 2013. La Jaula de Oro is the Mexican film with the most international awards of all time.

What is the movie La jaula de Oro about?

La Jaula De Oro (2013) Analysis. La jaula de oro which means “The Golden cage” is a Mexican film, written and directed by Diego Quemada-Diez. The film follows three Guatemalan teenagers as they attempt to cross the Mexican border to the united states. Juan , Sara and Samuel, encounter a fourth member Chauk from Indian descent who does not speak…

How did Juan and Sara end up with Chauk?

While riding on a train to northern Mexico, the train is stopped by the Mexican Army who attempt to capture the immigrants; however, the trio manage to escape and are offered refuge and work by a sugar-cane farmer. During a party at the plantation, the three of them drink and dance until Sara and Juan begin kissing, and end up leaving Chauk alone.

What happened to Juan and Chauk in the jungle?

During the trip, they are detained by drug traffickers, who steal the belongings of the passengers and kidnap the females. Sara is soon recognized as a girl and is taken by the traffickers; when Juan and Chauk resist, Juan is seriously injured and Chauk is knocked unconscious.