What is the meaning of appendicular skeleton?

What is the meaning of appendicular skeleton?

The appendicular skeleton is one of two major bone groups in the body, the other being the axial skeleton. The appendicular skeleton is comprised of the upper and lower extremities, which include the shoulder girdle and pelvis.

What does the appendicular skeletal system support and consist of?

Appendicular skeleton: The appendicular skeleton is composed of the bones of the pectoral limbs (arm, forearm, hand), the pelvic limbs (thigh, leg, foot), the pectoral girdle, and the pelvic girdle.

What does the appendicular form?

The appendicular skeleton includes all of the limb bones, plus the bones that unite each limb with the axial skeleton (Figure 6.40). The bones that attach each upper limb to the axial skeleton form the pectoral girdle (shoulder girdle). This consists of two bones, the scapula and clavicle (Figure 6.41).

What does the term ossification mean?

Definition of ossification 1a : the natural process of bone formation. b : the hardening (as of muscular tissue) into a bony substance. 2 : a mass or particle of ossified tissue. 3 : a tendency toward or state of being molded into a rigid, conventional, sterile, or unimaginative condition.

What are the components of appendicular skeleton?

The appendicular skeleton includes the bones of the shoulder girdle, the upper limbs, the pelvic girdle, and the lower limbs.

Which of the following bones are included in the appendicular skeleton?

The appendicular skeleton is divided into six major regions: Shoulder girdle (4 bones) – Left and right clavicle (2) and scapula (2). Arms and forearms (6 bones) – Left and right humerus (2) (arm), ulna (2) and radius (2) (forearm)….

Appendicular skeleton
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What are the example of appendicular?

What is ossification and when does it begin?

bone formation, also called ossification, process by which new bone is produced. Ossification begins about the third month of fetal life in humans and is completed by late adolescence.

What does ossified mean in anatomy?

Ossification is the process in which cartilage is transformed into bone. Bone grows in three stages: first, tissue forms a mesh of collagen fibers, then the body creates a polysaccharide that acts like cement to hold the tissues together.

What is axial skeleton consists of?

The axial skeleton consists of the braincase (cranium) and the backbone and ribs, and it serves primarily to protect the central nervous system. The limbs and their girdles constitute the appendicular skeleton.

What are the parts and functions of the appendicular skeleton?

Bones of the upper and lower limbs, pectoral girdles, and the pelvic girdle are components of this skeleton. Although the primary function of the appendicular skeleton is for bodily movement, it also provides protection for organs of the digestive system, excretory system, and reproductive system.

What is the appendicular skeletal system?

Appendicular skeleton is the portion of the skeletal system that consists of the pectoral and pelvic girdles, and the limbs that attach to them. It was designed to collaborate with the axial skeleton to give flexibility, strength, support, and movement to the body.

What is axial and appendicular?

Axial and appendicular are two divisions of the human skeleton that connected with each other. Their bones have similar basic constituents such as calcium and protein matrix. Both have functions of weight bearing at differing levels, as well as those of stability, balance,…

Is the ischium axial or appendicular?

Axial and Appendicular Skeleton. Pelvic (hip) girdle, which includes the hip bones (= ‘coxal bones’) called the ilium, ischium and pubis Lower Limbs = Legs (incl. ankles and feet). It is easy to remember how the axial skeleton and appendicular skeleton are classified by learning and remembering the meaning of the word appendage (or appendages in the plural).