What is the meaning behind KAWS?

What is the meaning behind KAWS?

From an early age Donnelly was known for marking buildings in New Jersey and Manhattan with ‘KAWS’, a tag he chose because he liked the way the letters looked together. He soon moved on from this simple tag, however, and developed a unique style that involved adding cartoon-like figures to bus-shelter advertisements.

Why is KAWS so famous?

Brian Donnelly is currently best known as the artist KAWS. KAWS is a New York-based artist who has made a name out of him designing limited edition toys and clothing. He is also a world-renowned artist who exhibits in museums and galleries internationally. His art stands somewhere between fine art and global commerce.

Why KAWS is so expensive?

Why Kaws Figures/Toys is so expensive? Art is essentially valued at what others are willing to pay for it, just like any other commodity, such as Gold, Bitcoin and more. There’s obviously a market for Kaws figures/toys, they’re popular in a pop culture, celebs collect them and sneaker heads drool for them.

How much is Kaws worth?

In April 2019, at its Hong Kong location, Sotheby’s sold The KAWS Album, commissioned and sold by Japanese streetwear influencer NIGO, for a staggering $14.8 million, a new auction record for the artist and surpassing its high estimate of $1 million more than 14 times over.

Where does Kaws get inspiration?

Since the 1990s, Kaws has been inspired by graffiti culture and skateboarding. The young Brian Donnely then roamed the streets of his town and hijacked the advertising campaigns. At first, he simply graffitied his name on posters, in large colourful K.A.W.S. letters.

What are KAWS dolls?

Brian Donnelly, the ex-Disney illustrator better known as KAWS, created his first vinyl toy in 1999: an eight-inch “Companion” whose round belly, noodly limbs, and white gloves immediately reminded viewers of the cartoons made famous by his former workplace.

How much does KAWS art cost?

On the high end, KAWS’ can go for six figures. Many of his larger Companion figures sell routinely for over $100,000. Some of his more iconic pieces can sell for even three times that amount. Even smaller, lesser-known works like his Seein/Watching plush toy (2018) routinely sell for $500 or more.

Is KAWS NGV free?

KAWS: PLAYTIME is a free and immersive exhibition for children featuring American artist KAWS’s signature character BFF and artwork referencing his popular toy-like figures. The NGV is dedicated to providing year-round programming tailored to children and families. …

How do you buy a KAWS?

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