What is the least crowded beach in Delaware?

What is the least crowded beach in Delaware?

Bowers Beach is a quiet bay beach with calm waters and few crowds a little further north. This park between Dewey Beach and Bethany Beach offers six miles of shoreline, with the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Rehoboth Bay and Indian River Bay to the west.

What’s better Rehoboth Beach or Bethany Beach?

Rehoboth has a great dining scene. It also borders the Cape Henlopen State Park so beach there are a bit more relaxed than by the boardwalk. Great main street with lots of shops and eateries. Bethany is the best of them all.

Does Delaware have good beaches?

The majority of Delaware’s most popular beaches sit south of Delaware Bay along the coast and barrier regions facing the Atlantic. Big tourist areas like Rehoboth and Bethany are popular with families and couples, while seclusion-seekers enjoy the more peaceful setting of the many state parks and small-town beaches.

What Beach in Delaware has a boardwalk?

Rehoboth Beach
Locals and guests to the City of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware claim our quaint and charming mile long boardwalk as one of the City’s best attractions.

What is the most family friendly beach in Delaware?

10 Best Family Beaches in Delaware — Kid Friendly Beach Vacations!

  1. Dewey Beach — Dewey Beach.
  2. Delaware Seashore State Park Beach — Rehoboth Beach.
  3. Lewes Beach — Lewes.
  4. Cape Henlopen State Park Beach — Lewes.
  5. Fenwick Island State Park Beach — Fenwick Island.
  6. South Bethany Beach — South Bethany.

Are there any private beaches in Delaware?

The private ocean beaches are North Shores, Henlopen Acres – unique in that it is an incorporated town with no public beach access or public parking – Indian Beach, North Bethany, Sea Colony and Middlesex Beach.

Is Bethany Beach private?

Exterior of the Burns beach house in Bethany by designer Erica Burns. Bethany is, primarily, a home-rental town—and that’s one of the things that makes it so nice. The private beaches are far less crowded than the ones in town, and the homes are spacious.

Which beach is better Ocean City or Rehoboth beach?

Ocean City has a larger selection of accommodations, more amusements, wider beaches, and longer boardwalk, etc. It’s a much bigger resort area with block after block of hotels & condos. Rehoboth has just a few hotels, more traditional cottages and vacation rentals, some just a short walk from the ocean.

Why is Rehoboth Beach famous?

Located on the Delaware Shores, the Rehoboth Beach & Dewey Beach Resort Area is known for its award-winning boardwalk, awesome hotels, specialty stores, amusements, beautiful homes, tax-free shopping and some of the finest restaurants anywhere.

What are the Delaware Beaches like?

Up and down the coast, two distinct lifestyles beckon at the Delaware beaches – the breezy oceanside action and the quieter bayside charm. Grab your camera, the Delaware beaches are known for ocean sunrises, and Inland Bay sunsets. Soak up the sunshine, swim the ocean, enjoy coastal cuisine all in a day’s work!

Where to eat in Delaware beach?

The Rehoboth Inn in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is conveniently located within walking distance to the Tokyo Steakhouse is located at the Coastal Highway in Lewes. With custom crafted bamboo structures Now that you know more about the Delaware Beaches let the ocean waves and smooth sand lead you.

What to do in southern Delaware?

Grab your camera, the Delaware beaches are known for ocean sunrises, and Inland Bay sunsets. Soak up the sunshine, swim the ocean, enjoy coastal cuisine all in a day’s work! Start building your Delaware Beach Bucket list with these top destinations in southern Delaware.

How do I use state wildlife areas in Delaware?

Persons may use state wildlife areas only as directed by the following rules, which have been established by the Wildlife Regulations ( 7 DE Admin. Code 3900) of the Division of Fish and Wildlife, pursuant to 7 Delaware Code, § 103. Please refer to the area-specific hunting maps for additional access and allowable use information.