What is the largest tribe of Bajaur Agency?

What is the largest tribe of Bajaur Agency?

Bajaur is inhabited almost exclusively by Tarkani (Tarkalani) Pashtuns, and there are their main sub-tribes in Bajaur: Utmankhel, Tarkalanri (Mamund, Kakazai, Wur and Salarzai) as well as a small population of Safis.

What is Bajaur famous for?

The district Bajaur is famous for hospitality and its beauty (Da Bajaur Gulona). Tourist attractions (Historical, archaeological, tourist.) The famous tourist point are Gabar Cheena, Kohimor Hillock, Bhaicheena, Nawapass and Ghakhi Pass.

Where is Bajor located in Pakistan?

Bajor Koruna, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan

Alternative Names: Bajor Koruna
Mindat.org Region: Peshawar District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan
Region: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan
Latitude: 34° 9′ 27″ N
Longitude: 71° 52′ 38″ E

Why Bajaur is called Bajaur?

The origin of the word Bajaur is uncertain and nothing is exactly known as to when and how this name was given to this area. However, according to one version it was derived from the Persian word Baj (tribute) and awardan (to bring).

How many Tehsil are there in Bajaur?

eight tehsils
Tehsils. District Bajaur has eight tehsils.

How many zones are there in KPK?

Geographically, the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is divided into two zones, the northern zone, and the southern zone. The northern zone scopes from the Hindu Kush to the borders of the Peshawar basin.

Who won Bajaur campaign?

Bajaur Campaign

Bajaur incursion
Date September 1960 – September 1961 Location Bajaur, Pakistan Result Pakistani Victory
Afghanistan Supported by Soviet Union (via diplomatic, alleged equipment provided) Pakistan Local Pashtun Tribesmen Supported by United States (via diplomatic, alleged equipment provided)

How do you pronounce Bajaur?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Bajaur. Ba-jaur. ba-jau-r.
  2. Meanings for Bajaur.
  3. Examples of in a sentence. Terror attack: Six die as school van blown up in Bajaur. Away from home: A young marcher from Bajaur finds work at sit.
  4. Translations of Bajaur. Hindi : बाजौर Tamil : பஜெளர் Arabic : باجور Russian : Баджаур

How many village councils are there in Bajaur?

Bajaur tribal district has a total of 127 councils including 120 village and seven neighbourhood councils while South Waziristan has been divided into 97 councils — 82 village and 15 neighbourhood councils.

Which zone is KPK?

(a) Zone-1 :- Agencies of bajaur, Mohmand, Khyber, Kurram, Orakzai, North Waziristan, South Waziristan and Frointier Regions attached to the Districts of Peshawar, Kohat, Bannu and Dera ismail Khan. (b) Zone-2:- Districts of Peshawar, Charsadda, Nowshera, Swabi and Mardan.

How many tehsils are there in KPK?

Total tehsils in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province are seventy one (71).

When did Afghanistan accept Pakistan?

Relations between the two countries have been strained since 1947, when Pakistan gained independence and Afghanistan was the sole country to vote against Pakistan’s admission into the UN [1]….Afghanistan–Pakistan relations.

Pakistan Afghanistan
Diplomatic mission
Embassy of Pakistan, Kabul Embassy of Afghanistan, Islamabad

What is the exact location of Bajaur District?

/  34.683°N 71.500°E  / 34.683; 71.500 Bajaur District ( Pashto: باجوړ ولسوالۍ, Urdu: ضلع باجوڑ) is a district in Malakand Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan. Until 2018, it was an agency of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, then during restructuring that merged FATA with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, it became a district.

What is the length of Bajaur?

Bajaur is about 45 miles (72 km) long by 20 miles (32 km) broad. It lies at a high elevation to the east of the Kunar Valley of Afghanistan and Pakistan, from which it is separated by a continuous line of rugged frontier hills, forming a barrier that is easily passable at one or two points.

How many people died in the Battle of Bajaur?

“Bajaur battle kills 10 troops, 25 militants”. Daily Times. Lahore, Pakistan. Archived from the original on 2008-10-07. Retrieved 2008-08-24. ^ a b c d Cogan, James (August 23, 2008). “Military offensive displaces 300,000 in north-west Pakistan”. Oak Park, MI, USA: World Socialist Web Site.

Where is the Khyber Pass?

It lies at a high elevation to the east of the Kunar Valley of Afghanistan and Pakistan, from which it is separated by a continuous line of rugged frontier hills, forming a barrier that is easily passable at one or two points. The old road from Kabul to Pakistan ran through the barrier before the Khyber Pass was adopted as the main route.