What is the largest motorcycle helmet size?

What is the largest motorcycle helmet size?

HJC Motorcycle Helmets

HJC Large Helmet Sizing
Sizing Inches Metric
3X-Large 25⅝” – 26″ 65 – 66 cm
4X-Large 26⅜” – 26¾” 67 – 68 cm
5X-Large 27¼” – 27⅝” 69 – 70 cm

What size is a XXL motorcycle helmet?

ADULT SIZES – Approximate Measurements

Sizes Head Circumference Inches Head Circumference Metric
L 22 1/8″ – 23″ 56.2 – 58.4 cm
XL 23 1/8″ – 24″ 58.7 – 60 cm
2XL 24 1/8″ – 25″ 61.3 – 63.5 cm
3XL 25 1/8″ – 26″ 63.8 – 66 cm

What helmet did Steve McQueen wear?

It’s the McQueen Bell Jet RT helmet, and each is individually hand painted. As everyone probably already knows, Steve McQueen was on the team riding a Triumph 650. The price is 600 dollars. Bell is currently selling a replica of the helmet worn by the US Team in the 1964 International Six Day Trial.

How big is a 3XL motorcycle helmet?

Size Comparison Chart

Standard Size Hat Size Centimeters
XL 7 5/8 – 7 3/4 61-62
2XL 7 7/8 – 8 63-64
3XL 8 1/8 – 8 1/4 65-66
4XL 8 3/8 – 8 1/2 67-68

What is the largest helmet size?

What are vintage motorcycle helmets?

Vintage motorcycle helmets are well-known and are those that were manufactured during the World War II era. They are also in great demand by motorcycle helmet collectors with many of them vying to win one of these classic helmets.

What are the best retro-styled motorcycle helmets?

Veldt’s retro-styled helmets are similar to the ones from Ruby, with elegance taking center stage. The outer shell is plain but the minimalistic design works since it is a retro helmet. The helmet comes with a chin guard and no aeration grooves; the arrow pattern marks it as a distinct clutch helmet.

Are there any vintage motorcycle helmets like the Triumph Bonneville?

Due to the recent rage of collecting vintage helmets, it is becoming increasingly harder to find a vintage motorcycle helmet that complements a classic motorcycle like the Triumph Bonneville.

Why choose woljay leather motorcycle half helmet?

The Woljay leather motorcycle half helmet is perfect for those who are into vintage motorcycles; the helmet itself is made from artificial leather with ABS shell designed to absorb most impacts and hard collisions.