What is the lap record for the TT?

What is the lap record for the TT?

135.452 mph
Isle of Man TT

Isle of Man Tourist Trophy
Region Isle of Man
First winner C. R. Collier (1907)
Most wins Joey Dunlop 26 (1977–2000)
Lap record Peter Hickman 16m 42.778s – 135.452 mph (217.989 km/h) (2018)

How long does it take to do a lap of the TT?

about 17 minutes
Since the track is 37.73 miles long, the riders don’t turn many laps. The aforementioned Senior TT is just six laps long, but a lap of the track takes about 17 minutes. Michael Dunlop (not pictured) became the first ever rider to lap the course in under 17 minutes in 2016.

How many laps is the TT race?

Current Isle of Man TT Race Records

Category Rider Year
Senior TT (6 laps) Peter Hickman 2018
Superbike TT (6 laps) Michael Dunlop 2018
Supersport TT (4 laps) Dean Harrison 2018
Senior TT (4 laps) John McGuinness 2015

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What is the fastest lap time on the Mountain Course?

Harrison improved his lap time to 134.918mph but Hickman flashed over the line shortly afterwards at a breathtaking 135.452mph with the Mountain Course lap record finally quicker than the Ulster Grand Prix. It currently has the tag of the fastest road race circuit in the world.

What is the fastest lap in Isle of Man TT history?

Ever since the Isle of Man TT got underway in 1907 milestones have continually been achieved, none more so than in the outright lap record. Bob McIntyre recorded the first 100mph lap in 1957 with John Williams (1976) and Steve Hislop (1989) breaking the 110mph and 120mph barriers respectively.