What is the history of Nijmegen March?

What is the history of Nijmegen March?

Nijmegen march history The Nijmegen four days march (vierdaagse in Dutch: four days= literal translation) was first held in 1909, although it was very different than it is nowadays. The government and councils were trying to make people move more and created the beginning of one of the most famous walks around the world.

When is the Nijmegen March in 2020?

Nijmegen march 2020 dates: The march of Nijmegen 2020 is held from Tuesday the 21st of July until Friday the 24th of July 2020. The flag parade of 1500 people (military and civilians) is held on the Sunday afternoon around 15:45 before the walk starts on Tuesday. Nijmegen march cost: The cost for the march in Nijmegen is 84 euros.

How to prepare for the 4 Days Marches of Nijmegen?

That means that training and having the right equipment is very important in your journey to the 4 days marches of Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Wear supple walking shoes. Buy sturdy, quality, and not cheaply made, shoes and make sure they support you where you feet need it the most.

Where to stay for the Walk of Nijmegen?

There are a lot of locals that open up their homes for participants of the walk of Nijmegen. You will have a good bed and breakfast. Some locals offer a bit more, but all of them provide a bed and breakfast. This option is called Vierdaagsebed (four days bed= literal translation), click here for more information about the Vierdaagsebed.

What is the Nijmegen marching camp like?

Nijmegen Military Camp set up to support around 5,000 uniformed soldiers along the marches. Military station for teams to rest and get medical care for injured feet, I remember this place. US 173rd Airborne Marching Team from Italy taking a break along the 40 kilometer team route.