What is the Golden Quadrilateral project?

What is the Golden Quadrilateral project?

Golden Quadrilateral is a network of highways connecting India’s four top metropolitan cities, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, thereby, forming a quadrilateral. The largest highway project in India, the Golden Quadrilateral project was launched in 2001 as part of National Highways Development Project (NHDP).

What are the national highways used in the Golden Quadrilateral?

Only National Highways are used in the Golden Quadrilateral. The four legs use the following National Highways (new numbering system): The completed Golden Quadrilateral passes through 12 states and a union territory:

What is the overall length of the Golden Quadrilateral?

The overall length of the Golden quadrilateral is 5,846km. The Golden Quadrilateral passes through 13 states of India. The Golden Quadrilateral constitutes only the national highways of the country and not state highways and rural-urban roadways.

When was the Golden Quadrilateral in India completed?

The planning for the Golden Quadrilateral in India was completed in 1999. It included construction of a few new express highways and extension of the existing road to four or six lanes. The project was officially started in 2001.

Does the Golden Quadrilateral enhance manufacturing activity in central Indian highways?

The Golden Quadrilateral (GQ) project upgraded a central highway network in India. Manufacturing activity grew disproportionately along the network. These findings hold in straight‐line IV frameworks and are not present on a second highway that was planned to be upgraded at the same time as GQ but subsequently delayed.

How many metro cities in India are connected by Golden Quadrilateral?

Upon completion, it connected four major metro cities of India i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata 4: The work on Golden Quadrilateral was completed under the National Highways Development Project (N.H.D.P) and this project was managed by the National Highways Authority of India (N.H.A.I) formed in 1988.