What is the Danzig question?

What is the Danzig question?

Germany, Poland, and the Danzig Question, 1937—1939 explores the events that led to the Nazi occupation of Danzig, which was the catalyst of World War II.

Where is Polish Corridor situated?

The Polish Corridor (German: Polnischer Korridor; Polish: Pomorze, Polski Korytarz), also known as the Danzig Corridor, Corridor to the Sea or Gdańsk Corridor, was a territory located in the region of Pomerelia (Pomeranian Voivodeship, eastern Pomerania, formerly part of West Prussia), which provided the Second …

What is the German Corridor project in Germany?

It forms part of the so-called German corridor projects aiming to significantly increase renewable energy supply for highly populated urban areas and energy-intensive industrial locations in the South. The power will increasingly come from wind farms off the coast in the windy North.

What are the West Berlin air corridors?

Map of three permissible West Berlin Air Corridors. During the Cold War era (1945–1991), the West Berlin air corridors, also known as the Berlin corridors and control zone, were three regulated airways for civil and military air traffic of the Western Allies between West Berlin and West Germany passing over East Germany ‘s territory.

Why can’t you overtake in German air corridors?

Contemporary air traffic control procedures prohibited overtaking in the air corridors to ensure a safe operating environment inside these narrow air lanes and to prevent aircraft from accidentally straying into East German airspace.

What is the SuedLink corridor?

The corridor power link ends in southern Germany connecting to for example solar energy facilities. The DC technology used for SuedLink enables more flexibility in the grid to react to the natural fluctuations of renewable energy sources by better controlling load flows in the power grid.