What is the Bridgestone OTR product guide?

What is the Bridgestone OTR product guide?

The Bridgestone OTR Product Guide is designed to provide quality product information for the Bridgestone line of off-the-road products. Please utilize the one-page summary of the entire portfolio, found on page 4, which shows the machine application for each tire.

Can I reproduce a Bridgestone tire manual?

No part of this manual may be reproduced in any form by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval devices or systems, without prior written permission from Off-The-Road Tire Department, Bridgestone Corporation, Tokyo, Japan.

What is the star rating for Bridgestone tire sizes?

Note: Due to the practice of altering inflation pressure to improve flotation on sand, Bridgestone does not apply a star rating to tire size 21.00R25 VSJ.

What are the different types of Bridgestone off-the-road tires?

Off-The-Road tires are classified by the TRA as follows, and the names of the tread patterns of the corresponding Bridgestone Off-The-Road tires are described below. Design Tread-Depth Regular Tread Deep Tread Extra Deep Tread

What is a Bridgestone off-the-road specification code?

Each Bridgestone off-the-road tire has its own specification code that enables the customer to properly identify and match the Bridgestone tire that best meets the conditions under which the tire will be used. SERVICE E: Earthmover D: Loader & Dozer G: Grader

How are Bridgestone tires listed in the book?

The Bridgestone products contained within are listed in order by TRA code and separated into sections for Radial and Bias tires. All tires for a tread pattern now appear in one place. There is a third section of the book for Specialty Tire products for select radial and bias tires.