What is the botanical name of Saccharum officinarum?

What is the botanical name of Saccharum officinarum?

Saccharum officinarum
Saccharum officinarum/Scientific names

What is the class of Saccharum officinarum?

Saccharum officinarum is one of the most productive and most intensively cultivated kinds of sugarcane….

Saccharum officinarum
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Monocots

What is the difference between Saccharum Barberi and Saccharum officinarum?

Saccharum barberi has poor sugar content and yield, whereas, Saccharum officinarum has thicker stem and higher sugar content.

Is Saccharum officinarum healthy?

Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) has been widely known as raw material for white sugar production. Sugarcane juice is relished as a refreshing drink as it is nutritious and rich in vitamins, carbohydrates, and amino acids.

What is the meaning of Saccharum?

Definition of saccharum 1 capitalized : a genus of large grasses of the Old World tropics resembling reeds and having expanded panicles with very small paired spikelets intermixed with numerous silky hairs — see sugarcane. 2 plural -s [Latin] : sugar: such as. a : sucrose.

How do you pronounce Saccharum?

sac·cha·rum of·fic·i·narum.

Why is saccharum officinarum called noble cane?

The thicker-stemmed forms are commonly known as ‘thick’ or ‘noble’ canes because of their tall, handsome, colourful stems. Leaves: Broad (up to 6 cm wide), 70-150 cm long, borne alternately on the stem, with leaf base encircling the stem. Fruits: An oblong caryopsis (small, dry, one-seeded fruit), 1.5 mm long.

Why is Saccharum officinarum called noble cane?

The early Dutch workers called S. officinarum as the ‘noble cane’ due to its splendid appearance.

How are the two varieties of sugarcane different from each other?

Saccharum barberi has poor sugar content and yield, while Saccharum officinarum has higher sugar content and a thicker stem.

What are the benefits of saccharum officinarum?

Saccharum officinarum extracts or sugarcane is extremely useful in minimizing blemishes and keeping the skin hydrated. Hence, they have been popularly used as ingredients in various facemasks. The therapeutic properties of sugarcane extracts heal the skin on the face more quickly and keep it hydrated from within.

How do you say Officinarum?

saccharum officinarum Pronunciation. sac·cha·rum of·fic·i·narum.

Which is known as Indian cane?

barberi , known as ‘Indian cane’ or ‘thin’ cane S. robustum S. sinense , known as ‘Chinese cane’ S. spontaneum , which is known as ‘wild cane’ and used for hybridisation purposes Uses Early uses – chewing. Sugar cane was originally grown in southeastern Asia and the Pacific for the sole purpose of chewing.

What is Saccharum officinarum?

Saccharum officinarum, a perennial plant, grows in clumps consisting of a number of strong unbranched stems. A network of rhizomes forms under the soil which sends up secondary shoots near the parent plant.

Can You interbreed Saccharum officinarum?

Saccharum officinarum is one of the most productive and most intensively cultivated kinds of sugarcane. It can interbreed with other sugarcane species, such as Saccharum sinense and Saccharum barberi. The major commercial cultivars are complex hybrids.

What is the structure of sugarcane plant?

Sugarcane has a thick, tillering stem which is clearly divided into nodes and internodes. The leaves of the plant grow from the nodes of the stem, arranged in two rows on either side of the stem. The leaves are tubular and blade-like, thicker in the centres than at the margins and encircle the stem.

What is the scientific name of sugarcane?

Preferred Scientific Name. Saccharum officinarum. Preferred Common Name. sugarcane. Taxonomic Tree. Domain: Eukaryota. Kingdom: Plantae. Phylum: Spermatophyta. Subphylum: Angiospermae.