What is the best meet and greet at Gatwick?

What is the best meet and greet at Gatwick?

Cheapest Meet and Greet at Gatwick

LGW Airport Car Parks On the day price Our pre-booked price
Maple Parking Meet and Greet Gatwick £106.00 £55.00
ACE Meet and Greet Gatwick £102.00 £55.00
Help Me Park Meet and Greet Gatwick £106.99 £61.99
I Love Valet Parking Gatwick £137.00 £78.00

How does meet and greet work at Gatwick?

Simply head to the dedicated Valet parking bay for your terminal and a dedicated driver will be there to greet you and check your vehicle in for you. Our professionally trained, full-insured staff will then park your car for you in a secure on-site car park, so you can walk straight into check in.

How does meet and greet parking work?

Meet and Greet, also known as Valet parking, is a parking service available at selected airports. The service allows to you to drop your car near to the airport terminal and leave it for us to park for you. On return, your car will be returning for you, ready for a quick departure.

What does meet and greet mean at airport?

What is Meet and Greet Airport Parking? Airport Meet and Greet Parking allows a fully qualified driver to park your car for you whilst you head off to check-in! Simply drive to your airport terminal, hand your keys over and walk to check-in. It’s that easy.

What’s another way to say meet and greet?

What is another word for meet and greet?

network fraterniseUK
mix socialiseUK
socializeUS consociate
meet mingle
run chum

What is meet and greet at Gatwick Airport?

Gatwick Parking Meet & Greet service is the most convenient and stress free way to smooth your departure experience. Booking online in advance can make a Meet and Greet service an attractive alternative to the traditional airport park and ride car parks. When you book parking at Gatwick airport with us,…

Where can I Park at the North Terminal at Gatwick?

Living up to its name, Help Me Park Meet & Greet at the North Terminal is a great parking option. A Help Me Park driver will meet you at the North Terminal and park your car for you in a Park Mark awarded car park, whilst you head off to check-in. What is Gatwick Meet and Greet North parking?

How much is Meet&Greet airport parking at Gatwick?

Gatwick Meet & Greet Airport Parking LGW Car Parks On the day price Pre-book saving SURE Meet & Greet £55.99 £24.72 ACE Meet & Greet £81.60 £30.60 ILove Meet & Greet £88.40 £39.40 ABC Meet & Greet £88.00 £33.00

Where is the meeting area at Gatwick North?

Our meeting area at Gatwick North is within a dedicated area within the Sofitel Hotel Car Park. This area is easy to find and is situated at the North Terminal. It is equally as close as the previous Short Stay alternative and is preferred by all of our customers.