What is the best definition of excavate?

What is the best definition of excavate?

Definition of excavate transitive verb. 1 : to form a cavity or hole in. 2 : to form by hollowing out. 3 : to dig out and remove. 4 : to expose to view by or as if by digging away a covering excavate the remains of a temple.

What is excavation in construction definition?

Excavation and trenching are among the most hazardous construction operations. OSHA defines an excavation as any man-made cut, cavity, trench, or depression in the Earth’s surface formed by earth removal.

What is an excavating machine?

a power-driven machine for digging, moving, or transporting loose gravel, sand, or soil.

Why do we excavate?

Excavation means moving and removing soil and rock from a workplace to form an open hole, trench, tunnel, or cavity. Excavation is critical for every construction project because it creates a strong foundation for the project and provides a stable surface for the surrounding property.

Why do historical excavations take place?

This helps preserve the original condition of the human remains. These techniques are also useful because they provide a permanent and accurate record of remains. This allows archaeologists to still learn about remains after they were reburied, for example, and to examine the remains without physically being present.

What does excavate mean?

Excavate or ” excavation ” means ditching, dredging, or mechanized removal of earth, soil or rock. Excavate means to dig into or in any way remove or physically disturb or penetrate any part of a right -of-way.

What is the meaning of excavated ground?

1. to form into a hollow, as by digging: The ground was excavated for a foundation. 2. to make (a hole, tunnel, etc.) by removing material. 3. to dig or scoop out (earth, sand, etc.).

What does it mean to excavate a hill?

Kids Definition of excavate. 1 : to expose to view by digging away a covering They’ve excavated an ancient city. 2 : to hollow out : form a hole in Workers excavated the side of a hill.

What are some examples of excavation?

They excavated an ancient city. It is the first site to be excavated in this area. They began excavating the backyard for their new pool. The excess dirt was carefully excavated. Recent Examples on the Web The prints were discovered in La Rioja, Spain, around 35 years ago, but scientists didn’t fully excavate all the tracks until more recently.