What is the best bait for chub?

What is the best bait for chub?

Chub will go for virtually any bait, such as maggots and worms (providing there are not too many smaller fish to steal the bait first) but many anglers swear by bread in all its forms as well as cheese either on its own or mixed up with breadcrumbs to produce a strongly flavoured paste.

Where can I find creek chubs?

The most logical place to start looking for creek chubs is around bridges, for starters. They like the shadows they create and if there are any around, you may see them from on top of the bridge. A trick is to throw your creek chub bait in the water and see if the minnows start “attacking” it.

What is the biggest creek chub?

197 mm long
The creek chub has been known to slightly differ in coloration, containing black backs with a brown or yellowish middle lines. The average chub ranges in size from 127-178 mm in length, with the largest chub documented to be 197 mm long.

How do you keep creek chubs alive in a tank?

dont use ice or mess with the temps if the water in the tank feels similar to the bucket, dump em in. Also do not feed them, youll use them for bait long before they die of starvation. So get filter, start with less chubs, maybe 1-3 per gallon for the first few weeks, dont change or cool water temps.

Where do you fish for chubs?

The Chub is found in the Mountain Lake or Cindersap Forest River of Stardew Valley. There is a chance to catch it at any time, during any season, as long as you are fishing in either the Mountain Lake or the Cindersap forest.

Do chub take lures?

Chub love surface and shallow running lures and small floating crank baits are my number one choice. Salmo lures fill this gap perfectly for me, but everyone will find their own favourites. Top water poppers also have their day especially so during the summer months.

Are Creek Chub good to eat?

Creek chubs are a main larval item for many predators, such as walleyes, brown trout, northern pike, largemouth bass, and smallmouth bass. Not too many humans eat creek chubs, although they reportedly are tasty. Some anglers and bait dealers harvest them for bait.

Are Creek Chub invasive?

Re: Chubs – are they invasive? As you know, when it comes to “minnows”, creek chubs and fall fish have have quite large mouths. So they can and will compete for food with larger sunfish and bass in your pond. Yes they do.

What kind of fish is a creek chub?

Fishing for the creek chub The creek chub (Semotilus atromaculatus) is a small minnow that is commonly encountered by anglers in the United States. Creek chubs are among the most common fish found across a wide swath of the US. They are often caught incidentally or accidentally on live bait, flies and sometimes even lures.

How much do creek chubs cost?

Creek chubs as bait are nothing new, it’s just gaining A LOT of attention in recent years. The fishing tournament scene is one of the drivers of that said attention, as many of them are being won on creek chubs time and time again. Creek chubs are expensive if you find them in bait shops. It’s not uncommon to pay $1.50 to even $2 a creek chub.

How do you catch a creek chub?

A trick is to throw your creek chub bait in the water and see if the minnows start “attacking” it. Something as simple as a piece of bread can be sufficient.

What is the best bait for catching a creek chub?

Size 12 trebles are about the perfect size for catching creek chubs. I also use a SMALL split shot in between the bobber and the hook (if you’re not using weighted hooks). This gets the bait down faster, and keeps it down on windy days. I use crawlers as bait for catching creek chubs. The key is to use a VERY small piece on the hook.