What is the alcohol content of Jeremiah red?

What is the alcohol content of Jeremiah red?

Arizona- American Strong Ale- 7.3% ABV. Silver Medal winner in Strong Ales at the 1996 Great American Beer Festival. This strong ale is brewed with a secret blend of five imported specialty malts.

What kind of beer is Jeremiah red?

strong ale
This Irish-style strong ale is brewed with a secret blend of five imported speciality malts. Not too hoppy in order to emphasize the complex malt flavor and fruity aroma.

What does Jeremiah red taste like?

Flavor is of buttered bread malts and coppery barley. Medium body with a stinging carbonation.

What beer does BJ’s have on tap?

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

Name Style ABV
Jeremiah Red Ale Red Ale – Irish 7.3
Mountain Hop IPA – American 6.5
Nutty Brewnette Brown Ale – American 5.9
Oasis Amber Red Ale – American Amber / Red 4.5

What is Piranha Pale Ale?

BJ’s Piranha Pale Ale Brewed by BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery. American Pale Ale5.7% ABV40 IBU. Winner of multiple awards in American-style Pale Ales at the Great American Beer Festival. This hoppy ale is dry-hopped with the snappy flavor and bite of Cascade hops.

What is Irish style ale?

The Irish-style red ale is a balanced beer that uses a moderate amount of kilned malts and roasted barley in the recipe, which gives the beer the color for which it is named. This style may contain adjuncts such as corn, rice, and sugar, which help dry out the beer’s finish and lessen the body.

Where does BJ’s Brewery brew their beer?

It Operates Breweries Across the Country The company operates six breweries in five different states; its primary breweries are located in Reno, Nevada, and Tempe, Texas.

Can you buy BJS beer?

The BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse chain has announced that it will start delivering craft beers and wines along with meals to California customers via its new partnership with DoorDash.

What is Stone IPA?

The iconic West Coast-style IPA One of the most well-respected and best-selling IPAs in the country, this golden beauty explodes with tropical, citrusy, piney hop flavors and aromas, all perfectly balanced by a subtle malt character.

Do they still make Killians Irish Red?

It was originally an Irish red ale called “Enniscorthy Ruby Ale,” and brewed from 1864 to 1956, when the brewery closed and it was discontinued. It is no longer sold in Ireland.

What SRM is red?

Characteristics of an Irish Red Ale

Quick Characteristics
Color Range: 9–18 SRM
IBU Range: 17–28
ABV Range: 4.0–6.0%
Aroma: Low to Moderate Maltiness with Strong Caramel Notes; No Hop Aromas

What does the BJ stand for in BJ’s restaurant?

“BJ” stands for Beverly Jean, the daughter of the first president of the company.