What is the acronym COP stand for?

What is the acronym COP stand for?

Slang / Jargon (12) Acronym. Definition. COP. Constable On Patrol.

What is the meaning of cop in online business?

Cash on Pickup
LBC Express LBC is launching the Cash on Pickup (COP) P80 Pasabog Promo.

What is the acronym for finance?

You might abbreviate the word financial to finance. or fin. on an inter-office document or memo, or on departmental lists in the accounting and banking sectors.

What does OCS mean in finance?

Over-collateralization (OC) is the provision of collateral that is worth more than enough to cover potential losses in cases of default. For example, a business owner seeking a loan could offer property or equipment worth 10% or 20% more than the amount being borrowed.

What does COP mean in shipping?

Cerificate of Proficiency (COP) General Requirements for Tanker Qualification-Certificate of Proficiency (COP) Certification for “Qualification of masters, officers, ratings and other personnel on passenger ships” Requirements for a Certificate of Proficiency (COP) of an Able Seafarer – Deck, II/5 (AB)

What does COP mean on a blueprint?

Understanding the scope of architectural copyright protection – AIA.

What does COP mean in buying?

copped; copping. Definition of cop (Entry 2 of 4) transitive verb. 1 slang : to get hold of : catch, capture also : purchase. 2 slang : steal, swipe.

What is a circular in finance?

An offering circular allows investors to access information regarding a new issue. It provides them with very important information about the security such as financial information about the issuer, the objective of the fund or purpose of the funds being raised, and other terms of the security issuance.

What does OCS stand for in sales?

Organizational Culture Survey (various companies) OCS. Online Customer Service.

What is COP drop?

The app is called Cop or Drop.It is a very simple app. Picture it like this think of a sneaker picture and under it says cop or drop. Cop meaning they want to get that sneaker and drop meaning they dont want the sneaker. After the person chooses cop or drop. Then it will so how many people in all cop or drop it.

What does COP mean in construction?

Construction and Operations Plan
§ 585.620 What is a Construction and Operations Plan (COP)?

What does cop stand for?

A certificate of participation (COP) is a type of financing where an investor purchases a share of the lease revenues of a program rather than the bond being secured by those revenues. Certificates…

What does Copa stand for?

COP Court of Protection (UK) COP Cost of Production (agriculture) COP Citizens On Patrol COP Center of Population COP ConocoPhillips (stock symbol) COP Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (also seen as COPA) COP Crime of Passion (band; California) COP

What is a cop in real estate?

An investment in which the investor purchases the right to a share of a municipality’s or government entity’s lease revenues instead of a bond secured by those revenues. Government entities issue COPs to avoid limitations on debt legally placed upon them.

What is the difference between cops and bonds?

As opposed to bond participation, COPs pay investors via lease revenues as opposed to bond interest. COPs are a commonly found in municipal financing as an alternative to muni bonds. A lease-financing agreement is used by a municipality or local government to acquire real property.