What is single sign-on in VMware?

What is single sign-on in VMware?

vCenter Single Sign-On (SSO) is a component of the VMware Cloud Suite. SSO deals with identity management for administrators and applications that interact with the vSphere platform. SSO is based on identity management technology built by RSA and specifically tailored for VMware Cloud Infrastructure deployment.

What port is VMware on?

Product Port Purpose
ESXi 5.x 443 VI / vSphere client to ESXi/ESX Host management connection
ESXi 5.x 902 vSphere Client access to virtual machine consoles (MKS)
vCenter 5.x 80 vCenter Server requires port 80 for direct HTTP connections.
vCenter 5.x 443 vCenter Server system uses to listen for connections from the vSphere Client.

How do I access SSO vCenter?

vCenter Single Sign-On and vCenter Server Users Users authenticate to vCenter Single Sign-On by entering their credentials on the login page. After connecting to vCenter Server, authenticated users can view all vCenter Server instances or other vSphere objects for which their role gives them privileges.

What is single sign-on domain?

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication method that enables users to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites by using just one set of credentials.

How do I open a port on Vmware?

  1. Open Virtual Machine Settings (Rightclick -> Settings…)
  2. Power on the Virtual Machine and write down the IP address (You could also use a static IP address)
  3. Open Virtual Network Editor (Edit -> Virtual Network Editor…)
  4. Select VMnet8 / NAT and press NAT Settings…
  5. Click Add.
  6. Configure Port and IP address.

How can I tell if a port is open in vmware?

To check the listening ports and applications with lsof :

  1. Open a shell prompt. For more information, see Opening a command or shell prompt (1003892).
  2. In the shell prompt window, run this command: lsof -i -P -n. You see output similar to: [root@server]# lsof -i -P -n. COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE NODE NAME.

What is true SSO?

This is where the term True Single Sign-On™ comes into play — True SSO™ is the means to allow users to securely and efficiently access virtually all of their IT resources, including the ones listed above, with a single, secure set of credentials.

Where are the vCenter SSO settings configured?

By default, this is located at https://servername:5480 .

  • Click the vCenter Server tab.
  • Click SSO. This screen shows the default configuration of the vCenter Server appliance:
  • Click Test Settings to validate the configuration of SSO for the vCenter Server Appliance.

What is included in VMware vCenter single sign-on?

[Read more] vCenter Single Sign-On includes the Security Token Service (STS), an administration server, and vCenter Lookup Service, as well as the VMware Directory Service (vmdir). The VMware Directory Service is also used for certificate management.

What ports does VMware use for communication?

There are internal ports that are used only for inter-process communication. VMware uses designated ports for communication. Additionally, the managed hosts monitor designated ports for data from vCenter Server. If a built-in firewall exists between any of these elements, the installer opens the ports during the installation or upgrade process.

How do I Change my vCenter single sign-on (SSO) password?

Contact Technical Support and request a password change. The vCenter Single Sign-On administrative interface is accessible from either the vSphere Client or the vSphere Web Client.

What is vCenter single sign-on (SAML)?

The solution user uses that certificate to authenticate to vCenter Single Sign-On. vCenter Single Sign-On gives the solution user a SAML token, and the solution user can then interact with other services in the environment.