What is short cavity?

What is short cavity?

A cavity is a hole that can grow bigger and deeper over time. Cavities are also called dental caries (say: KARE-eez), and if you have a cavity, it’s important to get it repaired.

What is a word for a small hole?

pit. noun. a small mark or hole in a surface.

What’s another name for dental cavities?

Tooth decay, also known as dental caries or cavities, is the breakdown of teeth due to acids made by bacteria.

What does central cavity mean?

a bony hollow into which a structure fits. pulp cavity. the central cavity of a tooth containing the pulp (including the root canal)

What is cavity science?

Cavity. (Science: anatomy) a hollow place or space or a potential space, within the body or in one of its organs, it may be normal or pathological. Origin: L. Cavitas.

What is a long narrow hole called?

trench Add to list Share. A trench is a deep and narrow hole, or ditch, in the ground, like the kind soldiers on frontlines might dig to give themselves shelter from the enemy. The verb trench means to dig or to cut into, but you will most often hear the word as a noun, particularly relating to soldiers.

What is the synonym of Crater?

In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for crater, like: bowl, volcanic crater, meteorite, hole, caldera, abyss, glacier, pit, depression, hollow and mouth.

What is the synonym of irritation?

Some common synonyms of irritate are exasperate, nettle, peeve, provoke, and rile. While all these words mean “to excite a feeling of anger or annoyance,” irritate implies an often gradual arousing of angry feelings that may range from mere impatience to rage. constant nagging that irritated me greatly.

What is spinal cavity?

The vertebral canal, otherwise known as the vertebral cavity or spinal cavity, is an anatomical space formed by the vertebral column that stores an integral portion of the central nervous system: the spinal cord and the spinal nerve roots branching off the spinal cord bilaterally.